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Training Specialist Interview

25 Questions and Answers Written by Ryan Brown

Updated on August 17th, 2018
Question 1 of 25
What do you like about your present job as a trainer?
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Interviewers are trying to determine if the things that you like about your current job will exist in this new position. They want to ensure you will be happy! Go ahead and share 3-5 things that you really like about your present job that would be ideal to have in a new role. Maybe you like that you work with many different employees throughout the day. Perhaps you like serving multiple departments within the company. Maybe you like that you get to present at all staff meetings. Or, maybe you like that you get to rollout new company initiatives. Share what you like, and explain at a high-level why you like that part of your role so much.

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Question 2 of 25
Where do you see yourself in five years?
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The objective of this question is to see how long you plan to stay in this position. Interviewers want to hear that you will be in a training role! Tell the interviewer that you see yourself actively engaged in the training field in five years. Explain how you hope you have grown professionally, and mention that you see yourself having continued to create a positive outlook for the organization during your five years in the role.

Question 3 of 25
How do you evaluate success as a trainer?
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Is success when each person walks out of the classroom and does not need to come back because they do not have any further questions? Is success seeing each person pass a comprehension test? Is success meeting a team goal? Do you speak with your students three months after each training to see if anything needs to be added to the training session? Is success when you hear nothing needs to be added to your training sessions? Go ahead and share how you like to determine if you are a successful trainer.

Question 4 of 25
Have you ever had difficulty with a supervisor?
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How to Answer
It is okay if you have! In a perfect world, you may not have had difficulty with a supervisor. If this is the case, go ahead and share that you have not had any difficulty with your supervisors. Be sure to mention that if you ever encounter this during your career you will likely just talk to the person about your concerns. Interviewers love hearing that you will try to tackle the problem! If you have had difficulty, pick an example of a time when you took the lead on trying to improve the situation in a positive way. Did you sit down with your supervisor offering your perceptions of their performance? Did you ask for the supervisor to provide clearer communication? Did you ask for your supervisor to be present more often? Taking the initiative to start up a conversation like this can be daunting, and it shows the interviewer that you are open to working through conflict in a positive way.

Question 5 of 25
What is your greatest strength as a trainer?
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How to Answer
This is the time to discuss the talent you offer, and employers want to see that you know yourself and work within your strengths. Jump right in offering your key strength! Maybe you are really good at mingling with large groups of people, speaking in front of large crowds, building connections with employees, or getting a challenging team member to see eye-to-eye with you. Next, talk about how you use this strength in the workplace! Maybe you use networking skills to build rapport with the organization at community engagements. Perhaps you have received excellent reviews for your training sessions due to your knack for building relationships with your staff. Whatever your strength may be, link it back to how it positively impacts the company.

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Author of Training Specialist Answers and Questions

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
First written on: 05/23/2013
Last modified on: 08/17/2018

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