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UPS Interview Questions

30 UPS Interview Questions
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How can we motivate you on the job?
How to Answer
Every employer should know how each staff member is best motivated. Talk to the interviewer about the variety of ways in which you receive motivation on the job.

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"I am best motivated through words of praise and recognition for a job well done. I do like to know that my efforts make a difference. In my current position, we have a leaderboard, and I do like that concept because it creates a healthy bit of personal competition for me as well."
Answer Example
"It's important to me that I felt capable and trusted in the workplace. If you see me doing a great job, let me know. Also, you could offer me additional, and more senior, responsibilities."
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What is the UPS company mission, and what does it mean to you?
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How to Answer
UPS has won awards for their top customer service including:

- Package Delivery Brand of the Year
- World's Most Valuable Logistics Brand
- World's Most Admired Companies
- Most Trusted Brands in Small Business
- Respect for Humans

UPS knows that excellent customer service goes beyond doing precisely as your expected, and it's more than having a smile on your face when the customer is looking. Excellent customer service means that you actively seek out the opportunity to deliver more than the standard. It means thoroughly listening to your customers when they tell you what they need. Also, it equals offering support when your customer may be a little bit in over their head.

Be sure to echo the jargon used on the UPS website and social media accounts when it comes to keywords related to their customer service mantra. Keep your answer brief but ensure that it packs a punch.

Answer Example
"I know that UPS aims to make every customers' day a bit better by delivering over and above their expectations. I appreciate that UPS tweets back to every complaint, has a robust team committed to every social platform where customers might leave a comment and that you never have to wait long for a meaningful reply from a customer service agent. If I can change my customer's day, for the better, then I have done my job in delivering exceptional customer service."
Answer Example
"Kate Zabriskie, the author of Business Training Works, once said, 'The customers' perception is your reality.' To me, this means that if my clients think that my team does not care about them, they likely do not. Excellent customer service starts with proper training and setting high standards for my team from the get-go."
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Why are you the best candidate for UPS?
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How to Answer
Bragging about yourself in an interview can be tough to do, but this is your time to shine! Which characteristics and career accomplishments have made you a stand-out candidate? Perhaps you have received some academic awards or have been given individual accolades in your most recent position. There is nobody like you, and now you need to express that to the interviewer.

Answer Example
"I believe my success with your company will come from having all of the hard skills that you are looking for, whether learned in school or gained through work experience. I know all the key players in this region and stay informed of best practices in the logistics and shipping industries so that I can be the most supportive employee and customer service agent."
Answer Example
"I believe I'm the best candidate for your company because of my decade of experience at your competitor, FedEx. I have experience in the specific department in question, as a team leader, and I look forward to building on those leadership skills with your organization. I know I can make an immediate, and long-term, impact."
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Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without all the information you needed.
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants to hear more about your decision making and critical thinking skills. Keep your answer career based and discuss a decision you made where you may not have had all of the pertinent information. The interviewer would like to see that you can use logic to make a sound decision. Show the interviewer that you are capable and confident when it comes to independent thinking and decision making. Be sure to include the success you saw in your sound decision making.

Answer Example
"In my current role, I am responsible for creating the weekly schedule for 56 staff members. When I first took on the responsibility of scheduling, I did not have any data regarding our busiest times of the week and day. I had to guesstimate our customer traffic while remaining under the staffing budget and, at the same time, not understaffing. I used my logic and critical thinking skills to fill in the blanks for the data that I did not have. It worked out quite well for me. Now I fully understand our customer traffic flow which has made staff scheduling a breeze."
Answer Example
"Often, our clients are vague on their needs because they don't fully know themselves what they seek when it comes to shipping options. I have had to fill in the blanks many times. I know my products and services well so I am comfortable making executive decisions when they cannot."
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Think about a demanding boss, professor or coworker. How did you successfully interact with this person?
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants to know how you interact with people who may have challenging personalities. Think about that one person at work who is seen as hard to please. Perhaps there is someone at work who tries to intimidate others. Show the interviewer that you work well with most personalities even though you recognize there are some folks out there who are quite difficult to please. Avoid speaking poorly of anyone and be sure to end your response on a positive note.

Answer Example
"I have worked most of my career in the logistics industry which attracts a large variety of personalities. I am a warm person by nature and have found it challenging to connect with those who are cold and 'matter of fact.' My former boss was this way, so I adapted by sticking solely to the facts when in meetings, and presenting data versus opinions. It wasn't the deepest relationship that I've had in my career, but we made it work for us."
Answer Example
"I once worked at a locally owned shop where the owner was very demanding. When he would walk into the store, employees would announce over their headset system that the owner was in the building, so that everyone could prepare for his entrance into their department. I believe he had great intentions; however, his people skills were a little rough. I could see that he meant well, and I recognized that he wanted to do a lot of good things. When we interacted, I always took his feedback with the understanding that he didn't mean things as harshly as he might say to them."
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Published: 10/03/2018

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United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is a package delivery company. The Company delivers packages each business day for 1.8 million shipping customers to 6.1 million consignees in over 200 countries and territories. Its primary business is the time-definite delivery of packages and documents worldwide. The UPS service portfolio also includes global supply chain services and less-than-truckload transportation, primarily in the United States. The Company operates in three segments: U.S. Domestic Package operations, International Package operations and Supply Chain & Freight operations. During the year ended December 31, 2009, UPS delivered an average of 15.1 million pieces per day worldwide, or a total of 3.8 billion packages. In June 2009, the Company acquired a unit of Intereuropa Globalni Logisticni Servis. In 2009, it acquired service agents in Slovenia and Turkey.