Customer Representative Interview Questions

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After three months on the job, where do you see your performance being?

Customer Representative Interview Questions

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    After three months on the job, where do you see your performance being?

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    We expect our employees to answer phone calls throughout the day and log 4 hours of call time, can you handle that?

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    Give me an example, outside of a call center, where you have pleased a customer?

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    How do you respond when you do not know the answer to a question?

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    Being in customer service is not the most exciting career, how would you make it fun?

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    Did you miss any days at work last year?

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    Why do you want a job in customer service?

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    If a customer demands to speak to a manager, what do you do?

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    When have you provided excellent customer support?

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    Give me an example of when you pleased a customer very much?

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    How would you define really great customer support?

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    What did you like most about your previous customer service position?

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    If a major product was recalled and our call center employees had to stay overtime, how would you react?

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    If a customer says you are taking too long to solve the issue, what do you do?

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    Why are you the best fit for this job?

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    Describe a situation when you had a negative customer reaction?

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    Give me an example of when you made a customer really unhappy?

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    Would you lie to a customer if it was best for the company?

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    Tell me about a time when you turned around a situation wherein a customer that was angry became a customer that was very happy with the results.

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    In what ways could you improve as a customer service agent?

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    Describe for me a time when you failed at customer service.

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    What past experiences do you have turning cancellations back into customers?

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    Have you ever called off work when you really could have went?

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    Do you tend to give into customer complaints?

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    What in the past demonstrates your ability to handle customer complaints?

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    What experiences do you have in customer service?