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To help you prepare for your job interview, here are 25 interview questions that will test your problem solving ability.

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Tell me about the most challenging problem you have encountered in your professional career.

"The most challenging problem I have encountered in my professional career was with my most recent employer. I had an incredibly important project that made up the majority of my annual budget. The client was challenging to work with as he was rarely available for comment, due to extensive international travel. I needed this deal to work out so, for the 6-month span of the project, I made my work hours reflect his time zone. This shift allowed us to communicate via Skype on a daily basis which meant a fair share of late night and early morning calls for me! It was a sacrifice, and I would do it again. I understand that sacrifices need to happen to gain successful outcomes."

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25 Problem Solving Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Tell me about the most challenging problem you have encountered in your professional career.

  • 2. In your opinion, what makes you a great problem solver?

  • 3. Tell me about a time when you discovered a problem and went beyond regular expectations to fix it.

  • 4. Tell me about a time where you had to analyze a set of data and then make a recommendation.

  • 5. When a problem requires a quick solution, how do you respond?

  • 6. When it comes to problem solving, are you a strong collaborator?

  • 7. When you cannot seem to find the right solution to a problem, how do you deal?

  • 8. When faced with a problem, how do you decide on the best solution?

  • 9. How do you prioritize multiple projects when they all seem equally important?

  • 10. Tell me about a recurring problem that you run into in your current position, and how you handle it.

  • 11. Tell me about a time when you failed to solve a problem. How did you overcome the failure?

  • 12. What sources do you look to when you need to solve a complicated problem?

  • 13. After you implement a solution to a problem, how do you test the effectiveness of that solution?

  • 14. When a major problem arises, what is your first reaction?

  • 15. What steps do you take when you have to make an immediate decision without all the relevant information?

  • 16. How do you deal with distracting coworkers who stand in the way of your progress?

  • 17. Tell me about a time when you had to troubleshoot to solve a problem.

  • 18. Tell me about a time when your analysis of a problem was deemed to be incorrect. What would you have done differently?

  • 19. Tell me about the most challenging aspect of your previous job. How did you overcome it?

  • 20. When faced with a problem, are you more likely to jump into solving it, or are you the type to carefully assess the issue first?

  • 21. Give me a recent example of a valuable lesson you learned from a problem you faced at work.

  • 22. When change occurs in the workplace, it can create new problems. Do you see these as inconvenient problems, or opportunities to learn?

  • 23. Rate your problem solving skills from 1-10. How do you justify your rating?

  • 24. What do you think might be the greatest challenges faced in this job? How will you overcome these challenges?

  • 25. What steps do you take to solve a problem?