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Top 25 Marketing Interview Questions

What are you passionate about?
User-Submitted Answers
I am very passionate about fashion and journalism.
Question 2 of 28
What motivates you to work hard?
User-Submitted Answers
Success. The feeling of working hard to achieve a goal whether it be alone or collectively with a team is unlike any other.
My strength and my ability.
Success. The process of hard working and finally achieve the goal you set up at the begining no matter alone or with a team. The moment of success motives me a lot.
Question 3 of 28
How do you work with someone, whom you may dislike?
User-Submitted Answers
Concerntrate on the job than the individual to achieve goals.
Disregard those qualities in which you dislike, and only consider the postivie ualities that help you be productive in the workplace.
I focus on jobs not persons.
"We have a new product coming out in three months. What would you do to launch it?"
Question 4 of 28
What role in a team do you usually take?

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Question 5 of 28
What was your least effective marketing campaign? What went wrong?
User-Submitted Answers
Mass market presentation.
Question 6 of 28
We have a new product coming out in three months. What would you do to launch it?
User-Submitted Answers
Getting a celebrity on board. Like David Beckham touches. Have someone like that behind it. Olympics or world cup fantastic opportunity use to my own gain for marketing for community.
I would use advertisement, pr, personal selling.
Question 7 of 28
Do you enjoy working with a team?
Question 8 of 28
What was your greatest ROI marketing campaign?
Question 9 of 28
What mediums do you have the most experience using in your marketing campaigns?
Question 10 of 28
Once implementing a new marketing strategy, how do you measure the results?
Question 11 of 28
What are your favorite ways of measuring website performance? Such as conversions, leads, etc.
Question 12 of 28
How have you improved your company's website conversion rates?
Question 13 of 28
Have you researched our competitors marketing campaigns yet?
Question 14 of 28
Have you been in control of a company's Twitter or Facebook account?
Question 15 of 28
What was the most difficult presentation you have had?
Question 16 of 28
Are you comfortable giving presentations to top level executives?
Question 17 of 28
Do you enjoy networking? Why is networking important to you?
Question 18 of 28
Who are our competitors? What products do they have that compete with ours?
Question 19 of 28
What are our top products at our company?
Question 20 of 28
What is the most creative marketing campaign or project you completed? What made it unique?
Question 21 of 28
What do you consider to be the most effective marketing campaign, you have seen?
Question 22 of 28
What makes an effective marketing campaign, in your opinion?
Question 23 of 28
What makes an effective team, in your opinion?
Question 24 of 28
Do you take pride in your work?
Question 25 of 28
What are some of your goals for this position, if hired?
Question 26 of 28
What do you know about our company?
Question 27 of 28
What products or brands do we own, that you believe have a lot of marketing potential?
Question 28 of 28
Why did you choose a career in Marketing?

About Marketing

August 28th, 2017

Marketing professionals have the skills and expertise required to identify and implement effective techniques and strategies to attract customers to their company's brand. Marketing professionals include a broad range of roles including brand managers, product managers, business development executives, marketing managers, social media marketing managers and marketing coordinators. The specific tasks that a marketing professional is assigned depend on their exact role within marketing.
A bachelor's degree in a business or marketing related field is the minimum educational qualification required to work in marketing. Marketing professionals must have excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational and customer service skills. They must also understand consumer behavior, product development, marketing concepts and have an eye for branding. Marketing professionals must stay on top of the latest buying trends.
As the role is largely about using your creativity to market your company's products or services, prospective employers will play close attention to this particular aspect. They may ask you to create a marketing plan based on the information they give you. They are also sure to ask you to explain what you like about being a marketing professional and what are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to this particular role. If you mention any weaknesses, you must emphasize that you are working on improving in that area. Before you head out to your interview, go to Mock Questions and check out the interview questions that are listed there. Practicing your replies to these questions can help you be better prepared for your upcoming interview.

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