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Marketing Interview Questions

20 Marketing Interview Questions
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What was your least effective marketing campaign? What went wrong?
How to Answer
The interviewer would like further details on a project that went sideways. This interview question is not to see what you do wrong, but more to see how you react to situations when they do not go your way. Give an overview of the situation but be sure to focus your answer more on what you did to correct the case, and how you reacted. Also, be sure to express what you learned from the situation.

Answer Example
"My least effective marketing campaign was a social media-driven hashtag campaign that was a bit of a flop. I believe that the content was not catchy enough, and the copy a bit long-winded for something meant to be shareable. I am solid in reporting and data analysis and did catch the issue early on, worked with my team to change the course of the campaign, and re-executed. Although the results picked up, we did not ever gain the momentum we had hoped. After that situation, I took additional coursework in writing copy for social and am much stronger in that area now."
Entry Level Example
"I am newer to my career and have not had the opportunity to create a full campaign yet; however, I did study some cases when attending University. The takeaways that I have from that research were very helpful. When a marketing campaign goes awry, I believe it usually stems from a misunderstanding of the voice of a company's ideal customer. This misunderstanding is usually a result of lack of research and data to back the idea up. Would you agree?"
Experienced Example
"Nobody has had a career of perfect launches, including me! I recall, earlier in my career, a print advertising campaign that I did for a local clothing store. The campaign was for a kids store but the font chosen was difficult to read, for adults and children. Customers complained, and we had to dismantle the resources we had already ordered for print and start anew. It was a colossal waste of money and a big loss for our agency; however, a valuable lesson that less is more, and simple always wins in the end."
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Question 2 of 20
What type of marketing are you most passionate about?
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How to Answer
If you had to pick one type of marketing to focus on for the rest of your career, what would that be? The interviewer would like to know more about the core of your passion when it comes to marketing. The way you answer this will help the interviewer to determine if you are a fit for the future direction of this company. If you are not sure of the organization's course when it comes to their future marketing efforts, you should certainly ask.

Answer Example
"There are so many facets to marketing that interest me; however, if I had to choose one particular area of passion, I would say that it is copywriting. I am highly interested in the way words work to create emotive appeal, and drive sales."
Entry Level Example
"At the moment, I am studying social media marketing and have found a deep passion for it. To understand it is one thing, but it is ever-changing, which is a challenge that I love."
Experienced Example
"I have seen marketing evolve a great deal over the years and will say that my passions have changed as new techniques and approaches arise in the industry. Right now, my biggest passion has been learning affiliate marketing, and how companies can strategize to best leverage it."
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Question 3 of 20
We have a new product coming out in three months. What would you do to launch it?
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How to Answer
As a marketer, coming to an interview with a clear strategy for a specific product launch should be a trick that you have, in your back pocket, ready to pull out at any minute. A great marketer knows that you have to show, versus tell, and this is what will set you apart. Take the product in question and walk the interviewer through your strategy for ensuring its features and benefits become 100% irresistible to the end client or consumer.

Answer Example
"I noticed on your website that you have Product ABC as 'coming soon.' The hype for the release seems to be very strong so far. If I were to launch this product, I would take what you have but also create a custom hashtag, and add some short videos, to encourage more social sharing. Other than that, I believe your strategy is golden!"
Entry Level Example
"I have recently been learning about the importance of email marketing and lead magnets. If I were in charge of your new product launch, I would start by creating hype through your existing email list, which I imagine is quite significant. I would create a lead magnet, for a limited time or limited quantity coupon only for existing customers. This strategy would create a sense of exclusivity that consumers respond well to."
Experienced Example
"I am very excited to hear more about your upcoming product launch. If I were to launch this product for you, I would start with some major print advertising. I think that traditional media will reach your ideal client more effectively than anything else. I would also look at creating interactive posters for the subway and other high traffic areas."
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Question 4 of 20
What was your greatest ROI marketing campaign?
Professional Answers Preview
How to Answer
The interviewer wants to know that you are more than a creative mind, but that you also understand the importance of a campaign's performance, and return. These days, marketers are expected to know how to drive sales. Discuss one of your most successful campaigns, and be sure to give some numbers and results that will impress. Most marketing agencies will collect data for their client but will usually not guarantee any specific Return on Investment. ROI can be figured out by taking the gross profit minus the marketing investment.

Things to consider when discussing the ROI of a campaign:

- What was the traffic increase to the clients' website?
- What was the cost per lead?
- What is the value of the average customer?
- What is the traffic-to-lead ratio or lead-to-customer ratio?
- What was the organic search traffic rate?
- What percentage of traffic came from social media channels?
- What were the bounce rates from mobile devices?

Answer Example
"The greatest ROI I have seen recently was on a makeup brush campaign that we did for a company targeting Instagram users. We created ads that led to a sales page. We had to keep mobile bounce rates top of mind since all Instagram users seeing ads are mobile. We had a bounce rate of 26% which was great compared to our clients' previous 70% bounce rate. I believe we were successful because we created clearer call-to-actions and streamlined the checkout."
Entry Level Example
"When I was working on a case in University, we partnered with a local business that was struggling. The project was to makeover their website and track any increase in traffic as well as find the bulk of their traffic source. We worked on the website of a local florist, going over and above by creating a Facebook and Instagram account for the business, with a lead generator to the website. Our group won top project because we increased traffic by 578% which increased the number of website subscribers by 366%."
Experienced Example
"My greatest ROI marketing campaign was for a shoe store who wanted to increase the value of their average customer. At the time, their average customer value was under $100, and they wanted to be aggressive, reaching nearly double that in under one year. My team worked on a variety of tactics including social media and print advertising, as well as taking advantage of their extensive email list. After 90 days we were able to increase their customer value to just under $140, and it continues to climb. I have no doubt they will reach their goal before the end of this quarter."
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Question 5 of 20
What mediums do you have the most experience using in your marketing campaigns?
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How to Answer
The interviewer would like to know the types of marketing mediums in which you are most experienced. Discuss the bulk of your experience and, if you can, rate yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or expert level user in each of the mediums that you mention. Be sure to refer to the job description and discuss those must-have and nice-to-have skills, assuring the interviewer that you are the right fit!

Some mediums that you could mention:

- Traditional Marketing, including direct mail, print advertising, broadcasting, billboard and outdoor advertising, or point of sale.

- Field Marketing, whether that be B2B or B2C. These could include event and sponsorship efforts, buzz marketing, guerilla marketing, or street teams.

- Online Marketing, including web ads, banner ads, SEO, SEM, email marketing, website optimization, blogging, content creation, Google Ads, or social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

Answer Example
"The bulk of my experience is in B2C field marketing efforts. When you mentioned in your job posting that you were looking for someone experienced in developing street teams, I knew I had to apply. I have performed this type of marketing for many F&B companies include street teams for Excel gum and Red Bull."
Entry Level Example
"I just completed my degree in Marketing with a focus on online marketing efforts including Google Ads, SEO, SEM, and all social media outlets. I would say that I am an intermediate level in most areas, with social media being my true expertise. I see that you are looking for someone who can create amazing social media campaigns which I am very confident that I can do!"
Experienced Example
"I have a fair amount of experience in most mediums; however I would say that the bulk of my career has been with traditional marketing - mainly print advertising. You mentioned requiring a marketing director with a solid background in copywriting for traditional advertising methods. I would love to further outline this experience for you and have brought my related work for you to see."
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First written on: 03/20/2014
Last modified on: 08/17/2018

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