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Privacy Policy

Mock Questions LLC, referred to here as (MockQuestions), is committed to protecting your privacy. Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and protect information about you or associated with you ('personal information').
1. How We Collect and Use Information
MockQuestions to its aware knowledge, does not collect any long lived personal information about you. We do create a session id that tracks your interview questions and answers and is only available for a brief amount of time, roughly 30 minutes. After the estimated 30 minutes, the information collected is no longer tied directly to you or your device so long as your submitted interview answers do not reveal personal information about you. We strongly encourage all users of MockQuestions not to submit personal information. MockQuestions uses the service of Google Analytics to help us understand how individuals use our service. We do use Google Adsense that tracks users based on the information they collect about you, in order to display customized advertisements to you. MockQuestions may also use the services of other third party developers for analytical purposes.
2. How To Avoid Submitting Personal Information
When filling out interview answers, please do not reveal your name, age, and location. Whenever you see a textbox area, with a submit button of any sort, please be aware that any text you enter into the textarea and then click submit (or send, post, go, next question, etc), becomes property of MockQuestions and therefore, we strongly advise you to NOT submit any personal information that may reveal your identity to anyone who visits For any further questions on this, please contact us using our contact form before beginning your use of MockQuestions.
3. How We Share Information
MockQuestions may use your interview answers on other websites owned by MockQuestions or third party websites.
4. Premium Services
If choosing to upgrade your services on, we will store your email address, your IP address, and your name that you used in signing up for our services. Your email address will then become part of your login to access premium content. You will then be asked to create a password, which we strongly recommend NOT be a password you use for more sensitive-accounts, for example, your online banking or email accounts. Overall, we strongly discourage any user in reusing a password that they may use for any other online services.
5. Members
Our premium members (those who chose to upgrade their services) are tracked by pages visited and number of questions viewed while they are logged into our website. We do not share any of this information with third party services.