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What data cleaning methods are you familiar with and comfortable using if hired for this role at Oracle?

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    What data cleaning methods are you familiar with and comfortable using if hired for this role at Oracle?

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    What do you feel are the primary features and benefits of the Java programming language?

  3. 3.

    If you were asked to review a colleague's code that they had written, what key things would you look for?

  4. 4.

    What skills do you use to cope with the day to day stress and pressure on the job?

  5. 5.

    In SQL, how do you explain the differences between clustered and non-clustered indexes? Can you name a time that you used each?

  6. 6.

    In your experience in software testing, would you consider yourself proficient in both testing and debugging processes?

  7. 7.

    What software analysis and design tools do you have familiarity working with?

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    If hired for this position at Oracle, what leadership skills would you bring to our team?

  9. 9.

    What do you feel is one of the top issues that is faced by data engineers today?

  10. 10.

    If you can, please provide your thoughts on the function of managed object context in developing iOS apps and software.

  11. 11.

    If hired here at Oracle, what do you feel would be the biggest hurdle for you to overcome from the start?

  12. 12.

    We are looking for innovators to join us here at Oracle. Where have you brought innovation in automation to a process in your career?

  13. 13.

    Culture fit is important to us at Oracle. How would you describe your personality?

  14. 14.

    Do you have any unique skills or past work experiences that we can't see on your resume that would benefit the team here at Oracle?

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    When do you consider a project to be finished?

  16. 16.

    What is one unique personality trait you possess that would help you be successful in this role with Oracle?

  17. 17.

    Do you have experience working with different CASE tools? If so, what do you have experience with?

  18. 18.

    The next cloud engineer that we hire here at Oracle needs to be able build a system that can handle a high amount of traffic. How would you test our system's ability to handle large amounts of traffic?

  19. 19.

    In your current work, what are the important steps you take in the data validation process?

  20. 20.

    Do you have experience writing a custom exception in Java?

  21. 21.

    How would you handle a situation where a colleague was being very difficult to work with?

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    In designing Android software, what is your experience using parcelable versus serializable within an app?

  23. 23.

    What experience do you have in the different types of software maintenance?

  24. 24.

    Talk about your previous user interface design experience in detail. Why do you feel that this experience will translate well to this role with Oracle?

  25. 25.

    Do you consider yourself stronger in C++, C#, Java, or Python?

  26. 26.

    How do you ensure that you have a healthy work-life balance in your career?

  27. 27.

    If hired here at Oracle and tasked with helping design a UI for a new mobile app, what important factors would you consider in that design?

  28. 28.

    What SDLC models are you familiar in working with?