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Change is par for the course with Facebook. When have you had to adapt to change?

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    Change is par for the course with Facebook. When have you had to adapt to change?

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    What do you do on your best day at work?

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    What do you believe are the biggest challenges Facebook will encounter this year?

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    At Facebook, how will you stand out in a sea of exceptional talent?

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    What would you have done if we did not show up to this interview, today?

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    What are Facebook's five core values, and what do they mean to you?

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    Name one skill mentioned in our job posting, that you do not possess. How will you gain that skill?

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    Creativity and innovation are key competencies at Facebook. What does the word 'innovation' mean to you?

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    The environment is fast-paced and challenging at Facebook. How do you determine priorities when you have multiple projects due?

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    Do you consider yourself a creative person?

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    What is the riskiest decision you have ever made in your career?

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    Tell us about an instance where you lost track of time in the best possible way.

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    How do you plan to contribute to Facebook's mission and values?

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    Name for us the best business feature you have seen Facebook roll out this year.

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    Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 Billion. What do you believe is Instagram's best feature, today?

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    Tell us about your favourite team collaboration, so far.

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    People are at the heart of every connection we build. How will you establish relationships with your new co-workers?

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    How do you prevent burnout and remain highly motivated?

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    At Facebook, we give you new problems to solve on a daily basis. What is your problem-solving approach?

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    Facebook is committed to supporting your career growth. How could we further develop you in the next 6 months?

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    What is the kindest thing a boss has ever said about you?

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    How is Facebook using AR and VR to help people to experience the world?

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    What are your top 3 core values, and how do they influence your work?

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    Facebook encourages employees to be authentic and unique. What makes you authentically you?

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    How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishments?

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    Facebook emphasizes hiring people who fit into our workplace culture. How would you describe your personality?

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    Facebook celebrates diversity. In which ways do you honor those different from you?

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    What role do you usually take in team projects?

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    What advice would you give to a colleague who was stressed out?

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    Why do you want to be part of the Facebook team?