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What are some of the challenges of working as a physician assistant?

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    What are some of the challenges of working as a physician assistant?

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    Tell me about yourself.

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    How would you rate your performance in this interview so far?

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    How do you feel when a physician criticizes your work?

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    What qualities does a great leader have? Which do you possess?

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    Are you available to work nights?

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    What will you do if you have a client that refuses to take care of their health?

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    How do you plan to continually grow as a physician assistant?

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    How do you gain a physician's trust and respect?

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    What are your weaknesses as a physician assistant?

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    Who is your mentor in the healthcare industry?

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    What is a dependent practitioner, and how do you feel about practicing as one?

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    What department of the healthcare field most interests you?

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    How would you describe your work ethic?

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    What are some highlights from your clinical rotations?

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    Why should we hire you to be our next physician assistant?

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    Tell us about your community involvement.

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    What are your strengths as a physician assistant?

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    What is an issue in the current healthcare system that you would like to see change?

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    What do you like about being a physician assistant?

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    Healthcare professionals are under a great amount of stress. How do you manage your work stress?

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    Talk to me about your GPA while completing your Masters' Degree.

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    Are you comfortable making tough decisions in regards to a patients care?

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    What do you know about our facility?

  25. 25.

    What are your salary requirements?