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What is the most creative or innovative project you have worked on?

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    What is the most creative or innovative project you have worked on?

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    Tell me about a time when you created a unique idea or solution, and it was rejected by your colleagues. How were you able to bounce back?

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    When did you come up with an innovative solution to a challenge your company, class, or organization was facing?

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    What does the word 'innovation' mean to you?

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    How can we inspire your creative side?

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    When have you had to think outside of the box to solve a problem?

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    When have you taken an existing process and used your own creativity to make it better?

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    Outside of work, what type of creative activities do you like to pursue?

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    When have you created a new product or service?

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    Would you consider yourself a creative person?

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    What ideas have you created in the last year that benefited your current or former employer?

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    Tell me about a project you worked on where a conventional approach was not suitable.

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    How do you like to encourage ideas in others?

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    When have you used an inventive method to stretch company resources beyond the normal level?

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    How often do you discuss work with your colleagues in order to think up new systems and styles of working?