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Our Goal
We want to help you ace your job interviews. We hope that individuals around the world feel confident and prepared for interviews by providing them with mock interview questions and professional sample answers.
How we help
Prepare for the job interview
We provide you questions and answers to help you prep for a variety of job interviews. On, we have curated thousands of interview questions applicable to over 1000 different careers. We also have had real HR professionals from nearly 50 various companies around the world working with us to add specific questions they ask in real job interviews.
Find questions easily
Our interview questions can be sorted into categories of focus: behavioral questions, problem-solving questions, leadership questions, etc. We give you a run-down of each category and offer excellent tips on how to prepare for each type of question to be ready for any interview.
Professional answers
We know that although reading through interview questions can be helpful, frequently, having sample answers is even more beneficial. That’s why we’ve gone a step further and now provide professional interview answers to go along with our mock questions.
Relevant professional answers
Our interview sample answers are written by hiring professionals to let you know what they want to hear. Currently, you will find professional interview answers relevant in approximately 350 different careers and industries.