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When starting work for a new client, what are a few things you like to do to get to know the person and make them feel comfortable with you around?
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Every person has their own approach, and the interviewer is trying to learn more about your style. Think about what things you typically do when you begin working for a new client. Do you have a set of questions that you typically like to ask? Do you like to go out for coffee or breakfast to have an informal discussion that allows you to gain an understanding of expectations and to learn more about the person? Do you like to discuss your work style, so your client knows what they can expect from you? Simply share your approach to getting to know your clients and ensuring they are comfortable working around you!
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What is the most challenging task you have completed as a personal assistant?
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Think about an out of the box task you completed for someone. Or, think about a project you were asked to complete that required a lot of research. The interviewer wants to hear that you took the initiative to problem solve and dominate the request. Share what task you were given, and explain your positive reaction upon hearing the request. Discuss how you eagerly took on the task as well as what steps you took to complete the request. Finally, be sure to mention the positive outcome that you had!
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What experience do you have helping someone with a disability?
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The interviewer wants to gain a better understanding of your experience as a personal assistant. Simply share the number of clients you have worked with who have disabilities, the type of disability they have, as well as how long you worked for the client. Be sure to give a high-level overview of the tasks you helped the person with. If you have no experience professionally assisting individuals with disabilities, that is okay! Instead, think of a person in your life with a disability who you have assisted at some point in time. Share that you have not professionally assisted someone with a disability, and explain the other point in your life when you have been able to offer your assistance.
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Do you understand the role of this position? Why do you think you will excel as an assistant?
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The interviewer is testing your understanding of the job. We recommend that you study the job description prior to arriving for your interview. Be sure that you understand what the role entails, and when asked this question, simply provide a high-level overview of your understanding based on the description. Next, share your strengths and express how they will help you excel in this capacity.
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Tell me about a time you had to multi-task. How comfortable are you handling more than one task at a time?
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Multi-tasking is your game! It is what people hire you for, and you thrive on it! The interviewer wants to hear that you are a gifted multi-tasker, and they want to hear that you have steps in place to keep yourself organized ensuring no tasks are missed. Tell the interviewer that being a personal assistant is all about helping another person make their life easier, and multi-tasking is what you have signed up to do! Next, share 1-2 examples of times when you have had to multi-task explaining what tasks you were juggling and the steps you took to ensure that none of your tasks were not missed in the process.
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