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What is the most challenging experience you've faced as a teacher?

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  1. Teacher Interview Questions


    What is the most challenging experience you've faced as a teacher?

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    A good teacher is always learning. What is something you are learning about recently?

  3. 3.

    How would your students describe your relationship with them, and your teaching style?

  4. 4.

    How do you feel about inclusive classrooms?

  5. 5.

    How do you communicate with parents on a regular basis?

  6. 6.

    What are some techniques you use to teach besides direct instruction?

  7. 7.

    Why did you decide to become a teacher?

  8. 8.

    What is your teaching philosophy?

  9. 9.

    What interests you about our school?

  10. 10.

    What was your most rewarding experience during your student teaching internship program?

  11. 11.

    What techniques do you use to accommodate different learning styles?

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    If students were having difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

  13. 13.

    How will you instruct students with varying abilities?

  14. 14.

    Describe your typical lesson.

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    What experience have you had with students from culturally diverse backgrounds?

  16. 16.

    How do you use technology to improve your lessons?

  17. 17.

    As a teacher, what makes you happiest?

  18. 18.

    What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved during a lesson?

  19. 19.

    How would you improve public education, if you had the power to do so?

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    What changes do you make to your lesson plans each year?

  21. 21.

    Discuss one memorable parent meeting you have had in the past.

  22. 22.

    If you were asked to create a behavior modification plan for ongoing misbehavior, what would it be?

  23. 23.

    What is your classroom management plan and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

  24. 24.

    How do you accommodate for non-English speakers or low-level English speakers?

  25. 25.

    How can you encourage a student who lacks confidence and inspire him or her to learn?

  26. Behavior Teacher Questions


    Describe a recent interaction with a challenging student and the parents.

  27. 27.

    How would the typical student describe you?

  28. 28.

    How would you report a delicate issue to your superior?

  29. 29.

    When were you most challenged by a student?

  30. 30.

    Explain a time you misled students accidentally. How did you resolve the problem?

  31. 31.

    What does a typical day look like in your classroom?

  32. 32.

    Share a time you received constructive feedback. What was your response?

  33. 33.

    Express a time you gave constructive feedback to a peer. How did the colleague react?

  34. 34.

    Share a recently implemented teaching style you tried. How did the implementation go?

  35. 35.

    What have you done when someone has challenged a grade?

  36. 36.

    What is the planning process like for the units you create?

  37. 37.

    How do you monitor the progress of students?

  38. 38.

    What technology do you add to your lessons?

  39. 39.

    How do you change up lesson plans when an unforeseen circumstance happens during the day?

  40. 40.

    How do you manage your time efficiently?

  41. 41.

    What different learning styles have you used when teaching?

  42. 42.

    How do you meet the needs of all students in your class?

  43. 43.

    How have you used differentiated instruction when teaching?

  44. 44.

    Share a example when you have encouraged students to accept each other.

  45. 45.

    What do you do with students who do not complete their homework regularly?

  46. 46.

    How do you handle conflict between two students?

  47. 47.

    Share a time when your lesson did not work. What did you do next?

  48. 48.

    Describe a time when you had to share a tough decision with a student.

  49. 49.

    What is your reaction when a student or students are bored with your class?

  50. 50.

    How do you manage situations when it feels like a class is getting too rowdy?

  51. 51.

    Share a time when you interacted with angry parents who were complaining about your teaching methods.

  52. 52.

    How do you interact with a student when they have let you down?

  53. 53.

    What is the biggest obstacle you have had to break-through as a teacher?

  54. 54.

    What extra-curricular activities have you been a part of?

  55. 55.

    What requires the most of you as a teacher in a common day?

  56. Situational Teacher Questions


    What was a time you failed and how did you handle it?

  57. 57.

    Share a time when you worked with someone who you didn't work well with.

  58. 58.

    How would you handle being asked to start a task that you have no experience in?

  59. 59.

    Speak about a high-pressure experience. What got you through?

  60. 60.

    Describe a time when you made a quality impression on someone.

  61. 61.

    What are you most proud of in your career?

  62. 62.

    Tell about a problem you witnessed and how you worked through it.

  63. 63.

    Share about a difficult student you have worked with. What was the experience like?

  64. 64.

    Describe a time when you had a lot of work to do. How did you handle the situation?

  65. 65.

    What are the steps you take to make a difficult decision?

  66. 66.

    What do you do when you are on a time-crunch waiting for someone else to finish their part of the task?

  67. 67.

    Speak to a time you had a disagreement with your boss. How was the situation handled in the end?

  68. 68.

    Share about a difficult colleague you have worked with. What was the experience like?

  69. 69.

    Tell about a time you set a goal and you completed it.

  70. 70.

    Recall a time you explained something to a frustrated student or parent. How did the process go and what was the response like?

  71. 71.

    What is the biggest conflict you have had at work?

  72. 72.

    How would you describe our school during your first visit?

  73. 73.

    Share a time you did not see eye-to-eye with school leadership? What was your response?

  74. 74.

    How do you support keeping the school a safe-learning atmosphere?

  75. 75.

    What is your approach in connecting with parents?

  76. 76.

    How do you increase participation in the classroom?

  77. 77.

    Describe your experience involving IEPs.

  78. 78.

    What is your preparation like involving standardized assessments?

  79. 79.

    Would you like to advise or coach at this school?

  80. 80.

    As a student, what organizations and clubs were you connected with?

  81. 81.

    Which subject is not fun for you?

  82. 82.

    What is your favorite grade level to teach and why?

  83. 83.

    What way does not work for discipline?

  84. 84.

    What moment(s) made you want to become a teacher?

  85. 85.

    What situation in teaching makes you feel the least comfortable?

  86. Leadership Teacher Questions


    How do you stop bias in your classroom?

  87. 87.

    Who are you and how does that impact people?

  88. 88.

    Where are you going in life and how do you bring people along for the ride?

  89. 89.

    How do you bring teachers into your curriculum?

  90. 90.

    What is a time where someone was a leader to you?

  91. 91.

    How do you give students opportunities to be a leader?

  92. 92.

    What does 'leadership' mean to you?

  93. 93.

    Share an example where you experienced poor leadership.

  94. 94.

    Describe a time you improved your leadership skills.

  95. 95.

    What is not an attribute of leadership that some people think is?

  96. 96.

    Who has been the best leader in the world's history?

  97. 97.

    How do you want to improve your leadership skills here at this school?

  98. 98.

    How do you model listening in your classroom?

  99. 99.

    What is the best way to solidify relationships with your peers?

  100. 100.

    How do you maximize the strengths of people around you?

  101. 101.

    What are the realities of teaching when giving advice to another teacher?

  102. 102.

    What are the best ways to engage in a school community?

  103. 103.

    What are learning areas that you can model as a leader?

  104. 104.

    What does teaching to look like at the perfect school?

  105. 105.

    How do you communicate the vision of the school?

  106. 106.

    What are the best ways to build leadership in a school?

  107. 107.

    What do you want your 'fingerprint' to be on the school?

  108. 108.

    What are your expertise areas?

  109. 109.

    What value do you bring to a leadership team at a school?

  110. 110.

    In what ways do you work collaboratively?

  111. 111.

    Speak of a time where you motivated another teacher.

  112. 112.

    Speak of a time when you motivated another student.

  113. 113.

    How do you work with other to create an authentic learning environment?

  114. 114.

    How do you engage families in the teaching process?

  115. 115.

    In what ways do you support teachers at school?

  116. High School Teacher Interview Questions


    Have you ever taught a class with special needs students, or students with a disability? If so, how did you adjust your teaching style or curriculum?

  117. 117.

    Which subject do you most enjoy teaching?

  118. 118.

    How would you handle a student being disruptive in the classroom?

  119. 119.

    How do you earn the respect of your students?

  120. 120.

    What qualities do you believe make an excellent teacher?

  121. 121.

    What is your teaching philosophy?

  122. 122.

    How do want your students to remember you?

  123. 123.

    In your opinion, what is the most rewarding part of being a teacher?

  124. 124.

    Why are you the best teacher for us?

  125. 125.

    How do you prepare students for standardized assessments?

  126. 126.

    What is your communication style with the parents of your students?

  127. 127.

    Have you ever received an award or special workplace accolade?

  128. 128.

    Out of curiosity, what type of student were you in high school?

  129. 129.

    What are you reading right now?

  130. 130.

    What types of activities keep you busy, outside of work?

  131. 131.

    What interests you most when it comes to teaching at the High School level?

  132. 132.

    What area of professional development are you currently focused on?

  133. 133.

    What is the most challenging part of your job, as a teacher?

  134. 134.

    Tell me about a time that another teacher has influenced you.

  135. 135.

    How often do you send your students with homework? What is your philosophy on homework?

  136. 136.

    Tell me about one of your own teachers that made an impact on you.

  137. 137.

    You have been hired as the newest member of our teaching team. How would you first introduce yourself to a group of parents, students, and teachers from our school?

  138. 138.

    Tell me something about yourself that I wouldn't know from reading your resume.

  139. 139.

    What motivates you?

  140. 140.

    How do you handle stress on the job?

  141. 141.

    Tell me about your leadership qualities.

  142. 142.

    What are your salary expectations?

  143. 143.

    How do you deal with distracting coworkers who stand in the way of your productivity?

  144. 144.

    Rate your communication skills from 1-10 with proper examples backing your given rating.

  145. 145.

    Would you say you are a better verbal or written communicator?

  146. 146.

    Describe an ongoing problem at your current or former employer that you were able to overcome.

  147. 147.

    When have you had to lead by example?

  148. 148.

    We were initially looking for someone with 5 years' experience in a similar role. Considering you have just 2 years' experience, would you be willing to accept this position at a lower salary?

  149. Middle School Teacher Interview Questions


    What is the last book you read? When did you read it?

  150. 150.

    Do you want students to like you? Why or why not?

  151. 151.

    How do you make learning fun?

  152. 152.

    Have you taught classrooms with bilingual students? If so, how have you supported them in their learning?

  153. 153.

    How do you feel about supporting various roles at school?

  154. 154.

    What is the difference between a good teacher and an outstanding teacher?

  155. 155.

    Why are you a good fit for this job and our school district?

  156. 156.

    What makes you qualified for this teaching position?

  157. 157.

    Why did you choose to become a middle school teacher?

  158. 158.

    What was the most useful college course you have taken?

  159. 159.

    Name three words that describe you.

  160. 160.

    Name three of your weaknesses.

  161. 161.

    Describe a time you navigated disruptive behavior in the classroom.

  162. 162.

    What part of teaching do you look the most forward to?

  163. 163.

    Have you ever been a substitute teacher? Describe that experience.

  164. 164.

    Are you a flexible person?

  165. 165.

    What type of student were you in middle school?

  166. 166.

    Are you actively involved in any type of community service?

  167. 167.

    Would you say that you are a tough teacher?

  168. 168.

    What book best describes you and why?

  169. 169.

    What has been the most challenging thing about teaching for you so far?

  170. 170.

    How do you develop self-esteem within students?

  171. 171.

    How do you cater to different learning styles in your classroom?

  172. 172.

    When do you typically find a need to connect with fellow teachers?

  173. 173.

    How do you engage parents in their child's learning?

  174. 174.

    How would you react if a parent complained about your class?

  175. 175.

    How do you manage students with different reading abilities?

  176. 176.

    What does a model classroom look like to you?

  177. 177.

    What was the most difficult child you have ever dealt with?

  178. 178.

    How would you describe your teaching style?

  179. Elementary Teacher Interview Questions


    What would you do if 50% of a class did poorly on a test?

  180. 180.

    How would you apply technology to enhance daily instruction and increase student learning?

  181. 181.

    How would you rank these in importance and why? Planning, discipline, methods, evaluation.

  182. 182.

    Do you believe you should build rapport with students? If yes, how?

  183. 183.

    How do you deal with an unmotivated student?

  184. 184.

    How do you encourage students to learn? Can a student be forced to learn?

  185. 185.

    What attracted you to this school?

  186. 186.

    If a student came to you and said, 'None of the other students like me,' what would you tell them?

  187. 187.

    What are your computer skills? What computer software have you used?

  188. 188.

    What would you tell a parent who complained about their child not having enough homework?

  189. 189.

    What was your most rewarding experience during student teaching?

  190. 190.

    What experience have you had with students from culturally diverse backgrounds?

  191. 191.

    Why did you decide to become a teacher?

  192. 192.

    Can you tell me about a time when you had to step into the role of a caregiver, and what you learned from that experience?

  193. 193.

    Are you a positive and energetic person?

  194. 194.

    If a student said she thought you were the worst teacher she ever had, what would you say?

  195. 195.

    If I were your principal and we were setting goals for next year, what would they be?

  196. 196.

    Are you a team player?

  197. 197.

    What is your philosophy towards work?

  198. 198.

    What is your greatest strength?

  199. 199.

    How do you handle stressful situations?

  200. 200.

    How do you overcome a difficult problem?

  201. 201.

    If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?

  202. 202.

    How will you instruct students with varying abilities?

  203. 203.

    If students were having difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

  204. 204.

    How do you feel when a student fails?

  205. 205.

    What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved during a lesson?

  206. 206.

    Why are you the best person for this job?

  207. 207.

    What challenges are you looking for in a position?

  208. 208.

    It seems like there is never enough time to cover the curriculum or to get children to master content and skills. Would you comment on that?