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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service.

"I often look for opportunities to go over and above when it comes to customer service. One memorable time was when a senior woman was struggling to get her groceries into her car. I was on break but saw her through the window. I ran out and greeted her, asking if I could assist. She was so thankful that she ended up calling my manager that day to compliment my kindness."

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  • Performance Based

    1. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service.

  • Customer Service

    2. How do you define good customer service?

  • Compatibility

    3. What customer engagement strategy is the most rewarding for you?

  • Experience

    4. What skills do you believe you possess that help you deliver excellent customer service?

  • Experience

    5. Tell me about your customer service experience.

  • Experience

    6. When have you received exceptional customer service? What made the experience stand out?

  • Conflict

    7. How would you handle a rude customer?

  • Experience

    8. Have you received any formal customer service training?

  • Direct

    9. Have you ever broken company rules to make a customer happy?

  • Communication

    10. How do you feel about saying 'no' to a customer with unreasonable requests?

  • Accomplishment

    11. Give me an example of how you delivered excellent customer service at your last position.

  • Conflict

    12. When was the last time you turned an angry customer around?

  • Customer Service

    13. If you could not make a customer happy, what would you do?

  • Behavioral

    14. Do you like being around people?

  • Behavioral

    15. What would cause you to lose your temper with a customer?

  • Compatibility

    16. How would you react if a customer was lying to you to gain a refund or free product?

  • Situational

    17. What tools do you need to deliver excellent customer service?

  • Experience

    18. Have you ever worked with a CRM, or client management software?

  • Capability

    19. What is the difference between customer service and customer support?

  • Direct

    20. Have you ever received a negative review from a customer?

  • Adaptability

    21. How would you help a customer who you found difficult to understand due to a language barrier?

  • Education

    22. Tell me about the last customer service skill you learned.

  • Discovery

    23. How do you feel about promoting a product, or upselling, during a customer service based interaction?

  • Adaptability

    24. How would you sell a product that you did not believe in?

  • EQ

    25. How do you deal with customer rejection?