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Starbucks Interview

31 Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns

Updated June 5th, 2019 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
Question 1 of 31
How do you expect to make a difference at Starbucks?
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants to hear that you are passionate about working at Starbucks and have thought about how you can make a positive impact while working there.

Think about what kind of impact you could make. Possible things that might come to mind are:

- Creating a favorable environment for customers by smiling, asking them how their day is going, and providing them with excellent service.
- Building business relationships with your co-workers, so everyone looks forward to coming to work each day.
- By giving people energy to make it through a challenging day.

Whatever comes to mind that you are passionate about, share it with the interviewer!

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Question 2 of 31
Why should we hire you?
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How to Answer
Interviewers want to hear about that one unique skill that sets you apart from the other candidates applying for this job. Think of your answer as your 'elevator pitch' or your qualifying statement. If you can't think of ways that you are unique, ask a few friends or family members what they feel sets you apart from other people. Their observations may help you understand how you are perceived.

Perhaps you already know what sets you apart! This skill could include any industry accolades, exceptional achievements, additional industry related training, a second language, or how involved you are in the community. Don't be afraid to brag about yourself a bit. In an interview, you are your most influential advocate.

Question 3 of 31
What is your favorite item at Starbucks?
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How to Answer
This one should be easy! Does the thought of a Java Chip Frappuccino make you drool? Does an Iced Mocha make your mouth water? Or, does the idea of a Venti Dark Roast with cream and sugar get you excited? Be prepared to excitedly share what makes your heart pitter-patter on that Starbucks menu! You can ask the interviewer this question in return to starting up a more casual conversation.

Question 4 of 31
Describe to me your last manager. What did you like and dislike about their leadership style?
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants to hear that you only speak positively about your past manager. Think about the things that you enjoyed about this person and their leadership style. Start off by telling the interviewer some things that you liked about their style. You might talk about how they had regular team huddles to provide ongoing communication about process changes or upcoming events. You might share how they regularly had fun activities going on to keep the team engaged. Keep the focus on the positive things.

Question 5 of 31
How would you handle a rude customer?
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How to Answer
Begin by telling the interviewer that thankfully the majority of customers are pleasant to work with, and the rude customer situations are typically few and far between. Next, say to the interviewer that you understand customer service means always having a smile on your face, cheerful attitude, and pleasant demeanor. Tell the interviewer that you would continue positively interacting with the customer even when they were challenging. Share that you never know what type of day that customer has had, and you smiling and being pleasant might be just what they need to help them turn their day around!

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Writers for Starbucks Answers and Questions

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
First written on: 02/28/2012
Last modified on: 06/05/2019

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