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Community Association Manager Interview

17 Questions and Answers Written by Professional Interviewers

Question 1 of 17
What are some common complaints you have received from property owners or tenants?
User-Submitted Answers
Association dues are too high.
Water Intrusion and Mold Issue complaints.
Community is beginning to look rundown.
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Question 2 of 17
Give an example of a time when you had to be relatively quick in coming to a decision.
User-Submitted Answers
Annual meeting and Election dispute with quorum requiements.
Making decision to give gate pass for free or charge for it.
When pool company resigned.
Whether or not to give a refund of a damage deposit. I had to determine this quickly, so I assessed the situtation and made the decision so that both parties felt this was fair.
Question 3 of 17
When have you had a problem with a homeowner or tenant before? How did you handle the situation?
User-Submitted Answers
Tenant does not feel she needs a lease to live in parents home. Our covenants state a lease must be on file. Explained that to her and she understood.
Question 4 of 17
How do you handle complaints from property owners or tenants?
User-Submitted Answers
Listen to their concern and if necessary forward to appropriate committee.
Question 5 of 17
What is your process for hiring maintenance work? What do you look for in a company, cheapest price or higher rated service?
User-Submitted Answers
Quality and Affordability.
Question 6 of 17
Have you ever had to deal with a major problem in your community before? Example, sewage back up, major power outage, etc? How did you handle it?
User-Submitted Answers
Notified all involved via email notice. Contacted sewer department for repair.
Question 7 of 17
Have you led any HOA meetings before? What was your role?
Question 8 of 17
Are you an organized person? Explain.
User-Submitted Answers
Yes, I am an organized person. Filing, daily to do list, tasks, calendar appointments.
Question 9 of 17
What bookkeeping experience do you have?
User-Submitted Answers
Certified QuickBooks, A/R, A/P, Collections.
Question 10 of 17
What are some common HOA laws? Have you read through our HOA laws, if so, what did you think of them?
User-Submitted Answers
Assessment dues, property decoration restrictions. Yes, and they are there for a reason and must be followed by all.
Question 11 of 17
Why did you choose to pursue a career as a community association manager?
User-Submitted Answers
Enjoy community environment and helping members who choose to be part of the community.
Question 12 of 17
What do you know about our development? Our community?
User-Submitted Answers
Established in 1989, we are a premier condominium lakefront community in the heart of the Ozarks, located on beautiful Table Rock Lake. Our community consists of 172 two bedroom condominiums and two to four bedroom patio homes. Our property owners are full and part-time residents with full ownership (no weekly or overnight rentals).
I have been in the business a very long time, I always make sure to know what companies and associations are in the ara.
Question 13 of 17
Tell me about a time when you were able to overcome an obstacle in a creative manner.
User-Submitted Answers
Daily deposits from restaurant, gave staff colored zipper bags for deposits and directions on how to report accurately amount of sales.
There was a sewer back up on a condo property, yet the condo property didn't have the money for the repair. I called the county sewer department and asked them to please come to the property to see if it was a county problem. Once there they seen how bad the situation was and repaired the back up immediately.
I thought of all the options and presented a case for a better solution. For example,
Question 14 of 17
Could you tell me a little bit about your computer skills?
User-Submitted Answers
I am certified microsoft, computer help desk knowledge.
I am proficient on microsoft office and was proficient with Jenark.
My computer skills are good and I can use word, excel power point and internet.
Very advanced in terms of MS Office Suite. Able to cross platform quickly.
Question 15 of 17
What skills would you like to develop in this job?
User-Submitted Answers
Would like to obtain certification.
Becoming an expert as a portfolio manager.
Need to be more communication with my staff and colleague.
I would like to better my conflict management skills as well as organizational skills to be always accurate, though they are already quite developed.
Question 16 of 17
How are your presentation skills? How do you prepare for presentations?
User-Submitted Answers
Very good. Research, note taking, and drafts.
Very good. I gather and research the topic on what the presentation is regarding before putting the presentation together.
I prepare the presentation with detail of the work and the photos of the thing which you have done it.My presentation skills are good.
My presentation skills are very good. I prepare for them by rehearing them and writing a script.
Question 17 of 17
What kind of events cause you stress on the job?
User-Submitted Answers
Dealing with people with a certain entitlement or just being rude.
Multiple deadlines without notice.
Being in the property management industry for over 14 years, I rarely experience stress on the job.
Not having proper tools to work with and no support.
When people lose control, but I avert this by alway being courteous and explaining the situtation to them.
When the Owner/Tenant complains and we try to explain him the issue and he didnt listen our explaination on that time it events cause stress.

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