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11 Banquet Manager Interview Questions

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What major challenges and problems did you face at your last position?
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Union issues lock of support from your supervised.
My boss was mostly out of work due to ill health, combining his duties with mine was a challenge which was accepted in good faith and as a result, learned in the process the duties of a hotel manager.
Being self employed raised all sorts of challenges whether it's staff, clients ruining linens and having them rented out the following week, a staff member calling in sick, but you get on the internet and buy some new linens or you contact your client and let them know what happened and see if they want to pick another linen or try and subcontract it out to another decorating company. Because I didn't have many staff to fall back on, I would call upon family in tight timeline situations.
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How do you handle stress and pressure?
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Whenever I feel stress I take long breath and take cup of coffee to gwt back to normal.
I can completely function off stress and pressure. I like to handle the situation causing the stress and pressure by getting to the bottom of it and finding a solution.
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Why should we hire you?
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Because I am you best candidate I know the property the culture and lots of people.
I have what it takes . Having been in the operation for over a decade. With good team spirit, ability to achieve a set goal within a set time.
Becouse I work with honesty.
I'm looking for a fresh new career and feel like this could be a great fit with my past experience. While I am closing shop, the idea of leaving events entirely makes me really sad so I love the idea that I can still be part of them but with a new perspective.
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What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?
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When the situation is not under your control those a difficult but where ever it takes I will do it.
When guest were to much drunk and they cant lisen by any one that time I consuly their md to tell them.
Any wedding that has had a time sensitive set-up. For example, we once brought the wrong colour of chair covers to a set up (the ivory and the white were so similar) and I couldn't live with myself if I would have just used what we had, so I just hopped in the car (with less than an hour to set-up and still 70 chair covers to set up) grabbed the chair covers, drove back and just in the nick of time we got everything done. Before deciding I was the one that was going to drive... I knew it would be best to go get the chair covers myself to avoid any phone call of "I can't find them".
Having an urgent political event for 100 guest at an hour information, I had to get service staff from other F&B outlets to achieve my goal.
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How well do you work with people?
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I love working with people all the time I am a people person.
Make friendly atmospher at work, work harder party hardest.
I am very personable and I feel like clients and staff members can approach me with any questions. I enjoy working with people.
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About Banquet Manager

June 13th, 2018

Food service managers are responsible for the daily operations of restaurants and other establishments that prepare and serve food and beverages to customers. Managers ensure that customers are satisfied with their dining experience.