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Territory Sales Manager Interview Questions

22 Territory Sales Manager Interview Questions
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What is/are your greatest strength(s)?
How to Answer
Tell the interviewer your greatest strengths which you believe will help you be successful in this role.

Answer Example
"I thrive on challenges and do not hesitate to work long hours to get the job done. I also have strong relationship building, business development and sales skills which will absolutely benefit me in this role."
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Question 2 of 22
Where do you see yourself in 2 to 3 years from now?
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How to Answer
Answer by telling the interviewer about your short-term goals, however by ensuring your goals are related to the position and company you applied for.

Should your short-term goals significantly differ from the position or company, the interviewer may assume you will leave eventually the position if hired, for a better opportunity at another company, should one presents itself. As a result, you may be instantly disqualified.

Answer Example
"In 2 to 3 years from now, I would like to have grown within the company and having established myself as an expert expert in my field. I hope to eventually move up the ladder and become a Team Lead within the department. I wish to commit to my employer and contribute to the company's success."
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Question 3 of 22
What goals have you set for yourself this year?
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How to Answer
Tell the interviewer about your goals as a professional, related to the company you are applying for, and by ensuring to emphasize you wish to grow within the organization. The interviewer wants to ensure you will commit to the employer and will not leave should another opportunity present itself at another company.

It is mandatory to review the company website and social media pages before the interview to familiarize yourself with the company, industry and services offered.

Answer Example
"I wish to grow within the company and acquire further skills related to sales and business development. I hope to become an expert in my field."
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Question 4 of 22
What attracted you to this industry?
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How to Answer
Ensure to do your due diligence before the interview by reviewing the job posting and company website/social media pages to familiarize yourself with the industry the company is in.

Answer this question by mentioning you wish to work in the same industry the employer is in to demonstrate you have done your due diligence and wish to work for this employer specifically - and that you are not simply looking for just any job. Add the reasons why you wish to work in such industry.

Answer Example
"I know that you are in (X industry) and this is precisely the industry I wish to establish myself in because (X reasons why, such as passion for the industry and/or related courses taken in university that sparked your interest)."
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Question 5 of 22
Give me an example of your ability to handle stressful situations and work under pressure.
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How to Answer
Tell the interviewer what you do to handle situations calmly despite the high stress level by providing an example of your experience to support your position.

Answer Example
"I always remain calm and look for ways to be more efficient. For instance, if there is an unexpected deadline, I will determine what can be done to ensure the deadline can be met, I will write down the steps to take to ensure successful completion and will delegate a few tasks if necessary. In brief, I am always ready to adjust my approach because stressful situations are bound to occur in a professional environment."
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About Territory Sales Manager

August 10th, 2018

A Territory Sales Manager is responsible for the overall sales and success of a particular region, predetermined by the organization they work for.

Being business minded is a necessary requirement as a territory sales manager. To be successful in sales, a professional must be able to prospect, build a pipeline of potential targets, know how to reach the decision maker and be willing to approach those decision makers with confidence. A territory sales manager must be able to build strong rapport with all types of personalities and have a solid understanding of customer service.

There is pressure, as a territory sales manager, to meet and exceed given targets. This is why a territory sales manager should handle pressure and stress like a pro. There is always new business to close and an exciting opportunity around the corner. A territory sales manager must be motivated to win which means that the most successful sales professionals have competitive personalities. A territory sales manager should understand that a sales cycle can be long, depending on the product being sold. This requires patience, dedication and fortitude.

Exceptional negotiation skills are required to be a successful territory sales manager. Presentation and public speaking skills are also required. Leadership abilities should be proven as many territory sales managers have a team of sales professionals who report to them.

Some technical skills may be needed as most sales organizations will utilize Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) such as SalesForce. Tracking and forecasting may also be done through Excel. PowerPoint skills may also be required.

There is no formal education required to be a successful territory sales manager although many organizations will request a Bachelor's Degree in Business, Marketing, or Communications. There are numerous sales workshops and courses that are valuable for continued sales education as well.