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Tell me about an organization or group outside of work that you contributed to.

"For the past eight months, I have volunteered every Wednesday evening at our local Chamber of Commerce meetings. I help greet our attendees, pass along important information, and of course, network with other business professionals. It's been an enjoyable experience and rewarding at the same time since I have gained numerous contacts through this volunteer work."

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30 Consultant Interview Questions & Answers

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  • Accomplishment

    1. Tell me about an organization or group outside of work that you contributed to.

  • Adaptability

    2. Being a successful Consultant requires adaptability and the ability to learn fast. How do you approach the ins and outs of getting to know a new client and their needs?

  • Adaptability

    3. How will you approach adapting to the unique needs of each of our clients?

  • Behavioral

    4. What would you do if a client was unhappy with the project's end result?

  • Career Goals

    5. Why are you interested in joining our company as a Consultant?

  • Communication

    6. Due to the nature of our business, our Consultants must work effectively with strong personalities. Describe your experience collaborating with strong personality types and how you generate a successful working relationship.

  • Communication

    7. Relationship building is a key component to your success as a Consultant with our organization. How do you get to know new people and lay the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship?

  • Communication

    8. What kind of communicator are you?

  • Compatibility

    9. If you are hired as our next Consultant, what is the biggest hurdle you expect to face as you learn your new role?

  • Compatibility

    10. If we hire you as a Consultant, how will our clients benefit from your knowledge and experience?

  • Compatibility

    11. If you were your own client, how would you describe yourself as a Consultant?

  • Competency

    12. What is the most important skill that a Consultant needs in order to be successful?

  • Creative Thinking

    13. If you had unlimited funds to build your own business, what would you do?

  • Diligence

    14. How do you stay organized and on track when working on a long-term project?

  • Diligence

    15. How do you keep track of your day-to-day tasks and activities?

  • Diligence

    16. Do you consider yourself a goal-oriented person? If so, tell a story that highlights this quality.

  • Diligence

    17. How do you go about defining the scope of a project?

  • Direct

    18. What do you think we could do better?

  • Direct

    19. Do you know any of our clients?

  • Experience

    20. Tell me about the types of projects you've consulted on in the past.

  • Experience

    21. As our Consultant, you will work alongside high-level executives and leaders. What experience do you have working with c-level professionals?

  • Gallup

    22. What does being competitive mean to you? How competitive are you?

  • Leadership

    23. Consultants wear many hats. What roles are you comfortable assuming when working on projects as part of a larger team?

  • Leadership

    24. If you were to join us as a Consultant, you would be counted on to lead projects. Talk about a time you had to lead a team. What leadership skills did you use to ensure your team's success?

  • Problem Solving

    25. What kinds of risks do you encounter during projects and how do you handle them?

  • Salary

    26. How would you prefer to be compensated?

  • Scenario Based

    27. Have you ever made an error that resulted in a client terminating their account or contract?

  • Scenario Based

    28. Talk about a time you had to work with a challenging person. Provide an overview of the situation and how you handled it.

  • Scenario Based

    29. Discuss a time when you successfully educated a person or group in your area of expertise. What made your approach so effective?

  • Stress

    30. How would you rate your ability to handle conflict in the workplace, either with clients, co-workers, your leaders, or other stakeholders?