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Assistant Manager Interview

30 Assistant Manager Interview Questions

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When have you shown a flexibility in your work schedule? When have you picked up shifts?
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I will do whatever necessary to earn this position.
Yes I am wiling to work overtime.
Yes I can work out of hours, I have undertaken shift work previoulsy therefore I know I can manage this.
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Name three areas you believe you could improve as a manager.
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Open minded, people's person quick learner.
Excellent customer service, work well under pressure, work well on my own and as part of team.
I'm honest, dependable and learn fairly quick.
Honesty, loyalty, and dependability.
Good interpersonal skills, good managing conflict situations and at motivating others.
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Give me an example of when you have worked under stress and pressure. How do you handle those situations?
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I'm able to work under stress.. I don't let rudeness or stress get the best way of me it doesn't effect how I talk to my customers.
I work quite well under pressure.
I work best under pressure and I like to stay busy.
As previoulsy mentioned I am used to working to timescales and carrying a complex case load. I am aware whn to seek support and advise.
I have experince and knowledge of working in crisis situations and under pressurised time scales I am aware of the need to take care of my own well being and have an awareness when I need to seek support and advice.
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How would your current or former co-workers describe you?
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I'm ambitious able to count on & work with easy to get along with.
Coworkers say that I am friendly, professional, and informative.
They say that I am a good leader and when I train employees I try to make fun/ easy ways for them to remember how to do a task and to do it correctly every time.
What do you feel is an acceptable amount of days to be absent in a calendar year?
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Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.
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About Assistant Manager

February 2nd, 2017

An Assistant Manager has managerial duties to help assist the store manager. Typically, they work in a retail or restaurant environment. Their duties are to create a positive and motivating atmosphere for the team. They work more directly with employees and therefore, report to the manager about an employee's performance.

Assistant managers should be able to complete many duties for their company. One, and perhaps the most important is the ability to deliver outstanding customer support. They should be able to complete routine inventory reports and basic bookkeeping functions. They should have excellent cash handling skills. Employees will be relying on the trustworthiness of an assistant manager to count their cash drawers at the end of their shift, and therefore must be incredibly trustworthy. Assistants should be able to help the manager in their efforts to train new and existing employees. They should be a natural role model for sales techniques, specifically the techniques the company wants their employees to use. Assistants may need to fill in for employees that call off and should have flexible schedules. Lastly, they should help the store manager in their effort to reduce store costs.

The hiring process for assistant managers will be relatively straightforward. Most assistant managers move up in the company and were once entry-level employees. However, assistant managers will look for better opportunity and switch companies for a more advanced role within a store. For these interviews, the assistant manager should research their potential company. Understand their products and services, as well as their business culture. Here are some interview questions to expect: Why do you want to leave your current position for this one? What was the toughest decision you have had to make as an assistant manager? When have you taught and enforced company policy in which you did not agree with that particular policy? What are your career goals? When have you helped a troubled employee progress in their role and became an asset to the company? For more interview questions, keep browsing