Hotel Manager Interview Questions

34 Hotel Manager Questions and Answers by on October 5th, 2021

James McMechan has over 30 years of management experience, primarily in the hospitality and auto industries. He has interviewed hundreds of applicants and trained effective and engaged employees.

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How often do you stay at other hotels, and what have your experiences been like?

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Hotel Manager Interview Questions

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    How often do you stay at other hotels, and what have your experiences been like?

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    What is your best customer service skill?

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    Diligent building management is an important part of protecting our hotel's profit margins. Share your experience in helping to maintain building efficiencies.

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    Having great hotel amenities can make a guest's stay even better. What are some provisions you might put in a room to enhance guest experience?

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    Our Hotel Manager must show a willingness to listen to the customer. Share with me your ability to do so. What are some ways you have learned to listen to a guest?

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    What do you like the most about the hotel industry?

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    How would you handle a situation where the hotel was overbooked and a guest had to be turned away?

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    Can you handle employee training responsibilities?

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    We are in the process of setting up second interviews. Is there a time that works best for you?

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    Part of your responsibility as a hotel manager is cost control. Share a time when you made a positive impact on the bottom line.

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    This position will require you to work nights and weekends. What is your availability?

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    The hotel manager is responsible for hiring and firing decisions. Share with me any experience you have in this area.

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    What kind of benefits package are you looking for?

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    At this hotel chain, we tend to promote from within the company. What is the next progression you would like to see in your hospitality career?

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    This position requires a background check and drug screen. Do you have any concerns with this policy?

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    Have you ever been in an emergency situation involving a hotel guest?

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    Each day in your position as a hotel manager, you will receive reports on performance. What is the best indicator if a hotel is doing well?

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    What was your first position in the hotel industry?

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    What are your salary expectations?

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    How would you handle a noisy hotel guest?

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    A hotel manager has to know how to lead others. Describe your leadership philosophy.

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    This position requires you to work with online travel shopping companies like Expedia. How familiar are you with working with these kind of third-party partners?

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    What are three qualities you look for in a hotel that will make you say, this is a nice hotel?

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    Our hotel facility includes an extensive food and beverage outlet. What experience do you have in food and beverage management?

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    There may be a time when our hotel manager will need to represent us to the public. Talk about your public relations experience.

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    Describe for me your ability to multitask.

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    The hotel works with a Point of Sale (POS) system to process payments. Share with me your experience in this area.

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    Every hotel guest has a right to privacy. What steps might you take to ensure they have privacy?

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    A hotel manager must ensure every detail is perfect for their guests. How do you maintain keen attention to detail?

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    Safety is an important issue for guests and employees. What might you do if you encountered an unsafe condition in the hotel?

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    The position of hotel manager requires a knowledge of both front and back of the house. Share with me your exposure to both areas?

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    Tell me a few things you know about our hotel.

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    Hotel staff often reflect the characteristics of their leader. Talk about your leadership characteristics and how you set the tone for your team.

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    Loss prevention is part of your responsibility as a hotel manager. What measures do you put in place to prevent theft?