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Top 25 Hotel Manager Interview Questions

Can you handle training responsibilities?
User-Submitted Answers
Training is the most important aspect of the hotel.
I have experience training positions from housekeeper to Assistant Manager and everything in between. I've created trainings for specific job duties, as well as risk management, fire evacuation, and difficult situations.
I manage to guest any problem to the solve. Is the my responsibilities may I help.
Question 2 of 25
What skills are essential to this position?
User-Submitted Answers
If your ariletcs are always this helpful, "I'll be back."
Question 3 of 25
Where would you rank our hotel in the industry?
Question 4 of 25
Why did you want to join the hotel industry?
User-Submitted Answers
I want to improve my skill and enrich my knowledge in cook.
I want to join this industry because I am very passionate about my dreams and I want to experience my dreams in reality and I want to be a good professional in this industry! I want to explore my self against the world and what I think is that this industry is the best way to do so! as we have to interact with all type and many types of people!
I am liking to work in the customer satisfactions.
One of the successful booming industries.

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Question 5 of 25
How would you handle a noisy customer? What if five neighbors say they want a refund for the night?
User-Submitted Answers
Warning to the noisy customer then asked for checkout if he is not disturb again.
Seat with them discuss the problem analysing the problems and reach a consesus which will benefit both of you.
Yes I m handle the problem fast the fool I request to you guest please silent sir ... Do not disturb any anther guest .. Please come sir in your room ..
Question 6 of 25
Have you ever had a bad experience while staying at a hotel? What happened?
User-Submitted Answers
Yes. Transport facility for international guests.
Yes I checked into a hotel in the morning when I was to take a bath the water was cold their geysers were not functioning properly.
Sir I m fresher but small little experience is the my training experience but I m hard work doing hair and more time expend the hotel work...
Question 7 of 25
Would you add any items to a hotel room that you think would enhance a guests stay?
User-Submitted Answers
Electric kettle to warm water when there is a problem.
Yes no problem any thing items needed to call the reception to handle the problem sir.
Question 8 of 25
What is the most rewarding part of being a Hotel Manager?
User-Submitted Answers
The satisfaction that comes after providing the service that made the customer happy.
Question 9 of 25
What do you like the most about the hotel industry?
User-Submitted Answers
I like serving people.
Question 10 of 25
What would you change right now to make our hotel better?
User-Submitted Answers
Will work more on improving customer service and use that as a strategy for comperative advantage that will set my hotel apart from competitors.
Question 11 of 25
What are three things you look for in a hotel that will make you say, this is a nice hotel?
User-Submitted Answers
Good customer service, clean rooms, meals that are value for money.
Question 12 of 25
If you had the option to work at another location, where would you choose?
Question 13 of 25
What keeps you motivated?
Question 14 of 25
What are a few items in a hotel room you thing are very important for a guest to have a great stay?
Question 15 of 25
What was the best hotel you've ever stayed at?
Question 16 of 25
What is the most difficult part of being a Hotel Manager?
Question 17 of 25
How often do you travel?
Question 18 of 25
What Experience Do You Have?
Question 19 of 25
Do you enjoy traveling?
Question 20 of 25
Why are you the best candidate for us?
Question 21 of 25
Who do you believe is the most important unit of the staff? Why are they ranked higher than the maids/front desk?
Question 22 of 25
Do you have any managing experience?
Question 23 of 25
If you saw 6 younger adults all come into the hotel together, and you know there is no room assigned for that many guests, what would you do?
Question 24 of 25
Tell me a few things you know about our hotel?
Question 25 of 25
How are your customer service skills?

About Hotel Manager

December 2nd, 2014

A hotel manager or hotelier is a person who holds a management occupation within a hotel, motel, or resort establishment. Management titles and duties vary by company. In some hotels the title hotel manager or hotelier may solely be referred to the General Manager of the hotel. Small hotels may have a small management team consisting of only two or three managers while larger hotels may often have a large management team consisting of various departments and divisions.

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