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What shift do you prefer working?

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Fulfillment Associate Interview Questions

  • 1. What shift do you prefer working?

  • 2. Why do you want this job?

  • 3. Would you pass a drug test if given one today?

  • 4. Do you have a reliable form of transportation?

  • 5. What made you decide to apply for this position?

  • 6. How would your former supervisor describe you?

  • 7. What type of supervisor gets the best work out of you?

  • 8. We have had concerns with employee theft recently. What would you do if you caught a co-worker stealing?

  • 9. Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

  • 10. Do people see you as a trustworthy and honest individual?

  • 11. Why are you the best candidate for us?

  • 12. Why do you want to work for our company?

  • 13. What are your strengths?

  • 14. How do you get along with others at work?

  • 15. Would you be willing to work over 40 hours a week?