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What do you do when there is conflict on one of your teams?

"I think one of the most crucial aspects of this role is putting together strong teams. Having a strong team helps ensure that there will be collaboration and trust between team members. But sometimes, even in the case of an amazing team, two people will butt heads and not get along. My goal is to identify this sort of strife quickly and address it immediately before it festers. I also always meet privately with the people in question so that they can air their grievances openly without team judgment. I then encourage and help create an action plan that focuses on compromise. It's not about one person being right and the other being wrong; it's about understanding the difference of opinions and finding common ground so we can move forward."

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29 Project Support Officer Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. What do you do when there is conflict on one of your teams?

  • 2. What are your career goals for the next three years?

  • 3. What are the various stages a team goes through during a project?

  • 4. What techniques would you use to define the scope of a project?

  • 5. Explain what RAID analysis is and how you would use it.

  • 6. Tell me what the difference is between risk and issues. What are some risks you might come across in a project?

  • 7. How would you handle a situation when the customer isn't happy with the outcome of a project?

  • 8. What do you think is the most important skill needed to excel as a project support officer?

  • 9. Do you have any experience with process development?

  • 10. What kinds of projects have you worked on?

  • 11. Tell me about the last project you worked on.

  • 12. How do you control and prevent 'scope creep'?

  • 13. What kinds of escalation paths do you use?

  • 14. Tell me about your most successful project.

  • 15. What kind of relationship do you typically have with project sponsors?

  • 16. Have you worked in this industry before?

  • 17. Do you delegate or prefer to handle things yourself?

  • 18. What would you do if you noticed that your supervisor had made a mistake?

  • 19. Tell me how you deal with stakeholders and customers.

  • 20. How do you stay on track with a project when you're feeling overwhelmed?

  • 21. How do you handle a team member who is underperforming?

  • 22. Have you ever managed remote employees before?

  • 23. What project management methodology do you prefer to follow?

  • 24. What project management software do you like to use?

  • 25. What's the biggest mistake you've ever made during a project?

  • 26. Do you have any experience in managing a budget?

  • 27. How can you tell when a project goes off track? What do you do to get it back on track?

  • 28. How do you describe your communication style?

  • 29. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.