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Mary H.

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Mary H. is a career and interview coach with 15 years of corporate experience, including specialty retail and higher education.

She specializes in behavioral-based interviewing and, as a recruiter, has filled numerous roles in leadership, sales, customer service, and call center operations.

In 2019, Mary authored and edited various interview questions and answers for MockQuestions, including Manager and TSA Screener.

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I am currently working with a person who feels that her way is the only way. On the days I do work with her, I just adapt to her personality and go with the flow.

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Consider providing more details to elaborate on the Situation, Actions, and Results. Actions, in particular, help demonstrate to interviewers how you think and act in certain scenarios. Interviewers look to behavioral-based responses to predict how an individual will operate in a similar, future circumstance.

Situation: I currently have a co-worker who can be difficult to get along with- she feels that her way of doing things is the only way. Action: On days we are scheduled to work at the same time, I adapt to her personality by adjusting my communication, asking her questions and adjusting my methods, always within compliance. Result: We have a productive working relationship despite her being viewed as a more difficult team member.

When have you had to think outside of the box to solve a problem?

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Recently the VA in northern Indiana changed the rules on # of shoes to one pair per year. It caused a drop in # of patients in the clinic. I thought it would be beneficial to try to do some marketing to pain doctors, ER doctors, and other clinicians working in CBOCs. And that caused the # of orthotics patients to increase.

Mary's Answer

This response shows initiative in attracting new customers- something important to businesses. See edits for clarity.

Recently, the VA in northern Indiana saw a drop in the number of clinic patients because of a change in policy that allowed only one pair of shoes to be provided (a decrease from the prior policy). I saw the need to increase marketing, so worked to connect with local pain doctors, ER doctors and other clinicians working in CBOC's. As a result of this marketing, we saw the patient numbers increased.

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