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Amanda Knight is a freelance writer and editor specializing in career coaching across various industries, including healthcare, sales, and marketing.

She has assisted a diverse array of clients, from newly graduated students to senior-level executives, as they prepare to seek out their next professional challenge.

To date, she's handled more than 600 resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and interview prep projects. Amanda enjoys helping others reach their highest potential by making sure they tell their own stories well.

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Tell me about your customer service experience.

Anonymous Answer

I started my customer service career as a server. I have worked in international reservations for a major airline, unemployment claims, customer service for two states - Texas and New York, and corporate international travel for two large travel management companies. I have an excellent customer service attitude!

Amanda's Answer

You've done a good job outlining your years of customer service and in what sectors. You can flesh out your response by sharing how you served customers - in person, online, via telephone, etc. If you're aware of the general numbers, it may also be helpful to share approximately how many customers you were able to assist each week or day in your various positions, adding greater context to your level of experience.

How do you handle stress on the job?

Anonymous Answer

I always make sure to plan my day time ahead in order to get my day organized as much as possible. When facing stress that is caused by a strict deadline, I take a nice deep breath and try to write down what is my emotional status and try to release the negative emotions. I focus on what works by writing it down and move on.

Amanda's Answer

This is a solid beginning. You've answered well by sharing that you assess and face stressful situations head-on. You can strengthen your response by providing a specific example of how you've handled stress well in the past, or telling about a time when increased pressure actually helped you work more productively. This illustrates your ability to transform stress into action, successfully turning a negative into a positive, to accomplish your goal.

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