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To help you prepare for your Technical Project Manager interview, here are 25 interview questions and answer examples.

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Team member A is waiting for a deliverable from team member B. After following up with team member B, they still miss their deadline. What are your next steps?

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List of 25 Technical Project Manager Interview Questions & Answers

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    Team member A is waiting for a deliverable from team member B. After following up with team member B, they still miss their deadline. What are your next steps?

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    Describe a time when you worked cross functionally on a project. Were you successful as the project manager?

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    Talk about your most recent experience in learning new software. What was the tool and how much time did it take for you to understand its functions?

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    If you were given two weeks after on-boarding before being assigned a project, what would you do with your time?

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    Tell me about the most notable risk you have identified in a project?

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    What is the most critical part of the systems development life cycle (SLDC)?

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    Describe a time when you were able to remove a serious roadblock preventing your project team from making progress.

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    How do you measure your own success as a project manager? What key performance indicators are most important to you?

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    How would your previous stakeholders and team members describe you as a leader?

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    Tell me about your favorite manager (anyone you directly reported to). What qualities did they have that really stood out to you?

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    How would you describe your communication style?

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    What qualities separate technical project managers from other project managers?

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    How would you handle client or stakeholder feedback that comes in after a feature has been delivered, or, one that is completely out of scope?

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    Tell me about your experience in working with Product Managers. How does your role differ from theirs?

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    What do you like and dislike about working with technical-minded colleagues?

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    What do you do if you identify that one stakeholder in the project is becoming a roadblock in completing milestones?

  17. 17.

    Talk about your most notable mistake as a project manager. What would you change, if given the chance to do it over?

  18. 18.

    A project sponsor is unhappy with the initial outcome of the project. How will you move forward and keep their confidence in you as the project manager?

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    When working with large cross-functional teams who are working at different locations, how do you ensure a centralized flow of information?

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    You're working on a confidential project. There's a task that can only be completed by an employee who isn't allowed to learn about the details of the project. What will you do to complete the task?

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    You're managing the launch and implementation of a new operational system for the entire business. You're told to focus on doing things right, versus doing things fast. How will you oversee quality in your plan?

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    Your project is slated to have three phases over three years. Each phase will have the mostly identical milestones. Stakeholders are likely to change. How will you ensure consistency across three phases?

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    The project you're assigned to has undefined target metrics. Talk about how you might move this project along.

  24. 24.

    A few days before launch and one of your major task owners comes clean that they aren't able to deliver, and in fact haven't been able to work on their last few deliverables. What would you do?

  25. 25.

    You're currently handling two top-priority projects that take up your entire work week. Your manager is approaching you with a new massive one that's also high-priority. How do you proceed?