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How do you determine if your team is successful?

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    How do you determine if your team is successful?

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    Tell me about a time when you effectively delegated tasks.

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    Tell me about a manager you have had in the past and how you have modeled your behavior after them?

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    What leadership qualities do you possess?

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    Have you ever had to enforce a company policy that you disagreed with?

  6. 6.

    How would you handle a rude customer?

  7. 7.

    Rate your management skills from 1 to 10 with 10 representing excellent management skills. Why did you choose that rating?

  8. 8.

    For you, what is the most difficult aspect of leading employees?

  9. 9.

    Describe how you like to train new employees.

  10. 10.

    How do you handle the pressure of holding a management role? Give me an example of when you have succeeded under stress and pressure.

  11. 11.

    What strategies do you use to motivate your team?

  12. 12.

    Discuss a time you managed an employee with a behavioral problem. What was their behavior, and how did you correct it?

  13. 13.

    If I were to interview the people who have reported to you in the past, how would they describe your management style?

  14. 14.

    If I were to interview those who report to you, what would they say is one strength, and one weakness of yours, as a leader?

  15. 15.

    If you could buy any new skill what would it be?

  16. 16.

    What has been your favorite management role so far? What made it so enjoyable?

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    What immediate changes would you like to see, if you were hired for this management position?

  18. 18.

    Tell me about a cost-cutting initiative you created at your last position. Was it effective?

  19. 19.

    What mistakes have you made when you have hired new employees? What have you learned from those mistakes?

  20. 20.

    What qualities and traits do you look for in a candidate when hiring?

  21. 21.

    When has another manager criticized your work? How did you respond?

  22. 22.

    What do you expect from your own manager?

  23. 23.

    In any of your leadership roles, what was the toughest decision you have made?

  24. 24.

    Who is your favorite influencer in the management or leadership space?

  25. 25.

    What qualifies you to become our Manager?

  26. 26.

    What type of team members do you dislike working with?

  27. 27.

    Tell me about a time you provided honest feedback to a team member.

  28. 28.

    Tell me about a time there was a serious conflict with your team. How did you resolve it?

  29. 29.

    Do you have experience in corrective discipline and terminations?

  30. 30.

    Why are you seeking to leave your current position?