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What do you like most about being a manager?
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Being a leader makes me confidant that makes me to learn major things like responsibility. It makes me feel good wn I take chance to drive the people under me in a good way and achieve success. Being a manager makes you to understand your father much.
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What's your ideal company to work for?
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The Company which not only feels the customer is a king but also its emplyees. Yes when company expects something great from employees, then there is no wrong for employee too feel the same.
I hope I am working with good company.
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How do you handle stressful situations?
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I truely cannot handle the stessful situation until I get comfort support from my superiors itself. No single army person can face the war until he gets support by his back end. But itsn not that every thing seems to me so stressful.
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How reliable of a worker are you?
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Mostly I seek for the assistance in the start. Until I gets most acquainted with the environment and procedures and norms I feel free to get assisteed by the co-employee or employer of the company.
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Tell me about your education/training.
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What do you know about our department store?
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Why do you want to be a Department Manager?
User-Submitted Answers
I've managed teams previously and I really enjoy developing the team and helping them to achieve their goals and grow in confidence.
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How are your customer service skills?
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I work with the whole of the business problem solving as part of my project management role and have successfully resolved issues and received very good feedback.
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Describe a situation in the past that involved you having to go to extraordinary measures to help a customer.
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I volunteered for a gym buddy scheme, there were 5 of us originally but as people dropped out I was the only one left and was training mornings, lunchtimes and evenings in order to fit everyone in. On another project they were having difficulty migrating the data remotely so I manually transferred the files for them, working over the weekend and coming in during the Christmas break in order to achieve the deadline.
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How will you improve your department?
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I've noticed the team tend to work independently, by encouraging more teamwork, the department could be more productive and receive better customer feedback.
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Describe a time when you lead a team to a goal and how did you achieve the goal on time.
User-Submitted Answers
When overseeing an office move my job wasn't only to organise the logistics but to work on changing the culture. There was one team in particular who were notoriously difficult so I arranged a meeting with them and managed to persuade them to proactively participate in the scheme.
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Tell me about a time you went out of your way to help a customer.
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When I worked in a shop, we had a lot of elderly customers, I took it upon myself to help them with their shopping and at Christmas they all bought me presents and told me how much I helped them during the year.
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What are some of your weaknesses?
User-Submitted Answers
I know that I don't have the best memory but because of this, I write everything down and diarise important tasks, deadlines and events.
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Give an example of a time you gave exceptional customer service.
User-Submitted Answers
When working at RNIB I volunteered for a vacation scheme, I was tasked with mentoring a teenage girl who was completed blind, I did my best to encourage her to try new things throughout the week and on the last day, she got up and made a speech, thanking me for my help and encouragement and saying that it had really boosted her confidence.
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What do you know about our company culture?
User-Submitted Answers
Out mission statement is "first thought to patients" and that message underlies everything we do here.

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