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Product Manager Interview Questions

Ryan Brown
    Job Interviews Careers Marketing Product Manager

16 Product Manager
Interview Questions

  1. Do you have experience in helping to develop a new product? If so, talk about what your role was in the development of this product.

  2. Sometimes Product Managers have to be risk-takers. Describe a time when you had to use your persuasion skills to get buy-in from management on a risky decision.

  3. Many call Product Managers the "CEO of the product". In your opinion, what are some skills a Product Manager and a CEO of a company should have in common?

  4. Successful Product Managers have a variety of skills in different areas including Marketing, Finance, Operations and Strategy. What area do you wish you had more experience or training in?

  5. Product Managers do not work in silos. They rely on the work of other departments to reach their goals. Describe a time when you had to utilize your negotiation skills to get buy-in for your idea from these other departments.

  6. How do your analytical skills come into play as a Product Manager?

  7. To be successful, a product should fulfill a specific customer need. What tools or resources do you use to understand customers' needs?

  8. What tools and resources do you use to understand and keep up to date with the competition?

  9. Many times Product Managers conduct product training, which includes the communication of product attributes and benefits. Describe your experience with product training and how you get others in your company excited about the product.

  10. Product Managers deal with several moving parts, so project management skills are key. In your opinion, what tools are key to successful project management?

  11. There are many aspects to a Product Manager's job. What tools do you use to ensure you stay organized and on top of all your responsibilities as a Product Manager?

  12. It is well-known in the Marketing field that acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining your current ones. Talk about the differences between the acquisition and retention strategies for a product you managed.

  13. Product Managers utilize leadership skills through their facilitation and coordination of different teams. What traits do you have that makes you an effective leader? How do you think you can improve your leadership skills?

  14. People usually look for data to support their decisions, however, sometimes the data you need isn't always available. Describe a time when you had to make a major decision as a Product Manager without any data to support it.

  15. Talk about a time where you successfully launched a new or revamped product. In your opinion, what specific things made the product launch successful?

  16. What skills and experience from previous jobs, outside of Product Management, will help you as a Product Manager?