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School Counselor Interview Questions

35 School Counselor Interview Questions
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Who is your role model? Why do you look up to this person?
How to Answer
Interviewers want to know your motivator/s or inspiration/s. When you are asked this question, highlight a trait that you admire about your role model and share an experience where you used what you learned from that person.

Answer Example
"My mother is my role model. She is a very confident and smart woman who has an excellent work ethic. But more than anything, it is her compassion for others that I admire the most. I learned from her that success doesn't matter if you don't care for the people around you and help those in need. Because of that, I always try to help others to the best of my ability so I can make a difference in their lives in my own little way."
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Question 2 of 35
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
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How to Answer
Most people find it difficult to visualise long-term plans. If you haven't decided on one yet, do not say something that you don't mean. Be truthful but keep your answers simple and believable. It would also help if your 5-year plan is still related to the field you are applying for.

Answer Example
"I see myself still in the counselling field, but I hope that by that time, I would have had more exposure in counselling various types of people - young children, older ones, those with special needs, etc. On a personal note, I hope that I am half way through finishing my PhD by then, if not finished."
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Question 3 of 35
How would you divide your time between meeting the immediate needs of the students and keeping up with the paperwork?
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How to Answer
Time Management is important in almost every job out there. Answer this question by simulating how you would go about a regular day at the office. That way, the interviewer will see how you prioritize your tasks. This manner of answering an interviewer's question also shows that you have the ability to plan.

Answer Example
"It all boils down to knowing your priorities. As a school counselor, the children's welfare are of utmost priority but I would definitely allot a significant amount of time to also fulfill my other obligations such as paper work. I could start the day by doing my rounds in school right before classes start. I believe it is important for me to be visible during the times of the day that the children are out (including break and dismissal time) so I can observe them and also mingle with them. When classes start, I can begin going through paper work and emails before attending to meetings I have scheduled with parents or with students. By doing my paper work in the morning, my schedule can be more flexible in the afternoon in case there are concerns with students that I need to immediately call to my office."
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Question 4 of 35
Why did you choose to apply in our school?
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How to Answer
You don't have to memorise the history of the school to ace this part. You can mention what the school is known for (e.g. 'It is among the top private schools in the district', 'It is known for its stellar program for research') or focus on what they stand for (e.g. vision, mission and core values). You can use this opportunity mention personal values that are aligned with theirs.

Answer Example
"The school has received numerous recognitions when it comes to both academics and sports, thanks to the holistic curriculum that you offer to your students. Personally, I believe that a person has to be well-rounded so your school's dedication to holistic development resonate with my own values."
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Question 5 of 35
Why did you choose a career as a counselor?
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How to Answer
Interviewers want to know a candidate's propensity to stay in a job for a long time. By asking this, they are able to gauge if this is a career that the candidate sees himself or herself doing for a long time or if it is a fleeting interest. Be genuine when answering this question since interviewers can easily tell if you are simply saying nice things to get the job. It helps to add a personal story that could solidify your answer.

Answer Example
"I have always been a people person and I have this inclination to help others when they need it. Help comes in different shapes and forms, but for me, I want to help others in addressing their problems and improving their situations. So when I was choosing a degree for college, I decided to pick something that would allow me to do that and that's how I ended up in counseling."
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Author of School Counselor Answers and Questions

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
First written on: 08/12/2014
Last modified on: 08/30/2018

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