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Marcie Wilmot
Meet Marcie
Articulate. Detailed. Accurate and fast, like a hawk, Marcie Wilmot is dedicated to helping others transform their writing into its best possible version, whether it be a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, book, or any other written document.

As the principal and founder of CopyHawk, a company that provides editing, writing, and career coaching services, Marcie thrives on the challenges of identifying and showcasing her clients' strengths and achievements in fully reconstructed and reworked resumes that get results. To date, she has assisted numerous folks - from IT and business analysts to customer service directors to finance VPs - in switching careers and landing their dream jobs.

Prior to starting CopyHawk, Marcie worked for 15+ years at fintech startups where she wore many hats. Most recently, she worked in human resources and was heavily involved in the hiring of junior and senior-level financial data analysts, account managers, customer success representatives, and sales associates. She actively pursued and engaged senior-level prospects, perused and filtered literally thousands of resumes and cover letters, and conducted phone and in-person interviews. Today Marcie utilizes this hands-on hiring experience, a love of writing, and a marketing degree to create resumes that beat ATS barriers and get noticed by employers.

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How do you meet your targets?
Marcie's Top Answer
"For me, I continually focus on my client relationships. I touch-base often, providing my clients with useful information and ongoing support. I always want to make sure the lines of communication are open. When a new feature or product comes along, I can more easily up-sell or cross-sell the value-add given my strong relationships with my clients. I also make it a point to collaborate closely with others on the sales and account management teams. Together, we come up with new sales strategies to try out and share things that have worked. In the past, I have met or exceeded my target every single time."
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