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Krista Wenz

Meet Krista

Krista Wenz has been on thousands of interview panels hiring EMS professionals and firefighters for public and private agencies. With over 30 years of experience as a Firefighter-Paramedic and EMS Educator, she has developed curriculum and training materials to assist candidates interviewing for these positions.

Since 2021, Krista has contributed to numerous MockQuestions interview question and answer sets, including Personal Trainer, Occupational Health and Safety Technician, and Health Educator.

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Anonymous Answer

Nobody can prepare for or say how they will handle a situation that they have not yet experienced firsthand; so it is hard to say at this point, however, through patience, self-reflection, and the support of others as constant positive aspects of your life, any reliable and successful professional is able to work through it in their ways, whichever those may be, while keeping in mind and being open to continuous growth and new lessons learned/new insights and constructive criticism.

Krista's Answer

This answer is not really personal or targeted to you. It reads as more of a lesson, and less of a direct response. Remember, with the FBI, if you answer anything indirectly they will pick up on it immediately. I have reworded, below.

"I plan to handle the stress and pressure by exercising patience with myself and others, taking time for self-reflection, and leaning on the support of my family. I have many positives in my life that I can focus on when times get tough."

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