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What do you feel is one unique skill or trait that you could bring to the auditing team here at JPMorgan Chase?

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    What do you feel is one unique skill or trait that you could bring to the auditing team here at JPMorgan Chase?

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    To help us understand your need for initial training and orientation in this role with JPMorgan Chase, can you tell me what financial software you have familiarity working on?

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    Talk about your experiences working with both fellow Analysts and Accountants within your own firm and with external partners. How do you feel that you will be effective in working with our external candidates in this role here at JPMorgan Chase?

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    In this role here at JPMorgan Chase, we will rely on you to conduct thorough presentations with clients. How would your rate your overall presentation skills and why would you give yourself that rating?

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    If you joined the team here at JPMorgan Chase, how would you build relationships with those that you would be working closely with?

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    At JPMorgan Chase, we are always looking for bilingual skills from our staff to better suit and expand our client base. Do you speak any other languages fluently?

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    We pride ourselves on teamwork here at JPMorgan Chase and this role in Client Services relies on teamwork. What are the top qualities would you would bring to a team based atmosphere here?

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    Think back over your career up to today and tell me about the most difficult day on the job you encountered. What made the day difficult and how did you handle that situation?

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    Here at JPMorgan Chase, we are expecting someone with strong leadership skills to take this role. How would you describe your management style?

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    We pride ourselves on our interdepartmental teamwork here at JPMorgan Chase. If hired for this role, what kind of team player could we expect you to be?

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    How do you stay on top of new trends in the financial services industry?

  12. 12.

    Can you think of a situation where raising debt over equity would be beneficial?

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    Talk about your experience in mortgage loan closing. How would this experience be beneficial to our team here at JPMorgan Chase?

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    At JPMorgan Chase we offer many different financial services. Which aspect of financial services are you best versed in?

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    In this role with JPMorgan Chase, we will rely on your organized and methodical approach to provide financial analysis reporting. What does your current reporting process consist of?

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    A key task in this role with JPMorgan Chase is assessing an organization's weighted average cost of capital. Are you familiar with WACC calculations and when have you used them in the past if you are?

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    If you were having an interaction with a client here at JPMorgan Chase and you weren't able to answer their question or solve their problem on your own, how would you handle that situation?

  18. 18.

    List the top 3 skills that you have acquired in your last role.

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    To get a sense of how you will handle internal auditing processes here at JPMorgan Chase, what do you feel are important tasks to do once an audit is finished?

  20. 20.

    Among the common issues that are faced by Data Analysts in their work, which one or two problems do you feel really challenge analysts in the financial industry?

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    In this role as a Risk Analyst with JPMorgan Chase, you will be expected to be the expert on changes in financial regulations that impact our business. How do you keep yourself up to speed on these changes currently?

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    JPMorgan Chase seeks out natural and confident leaders. What leadership qualities do you possess?

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    At JPMorgan Chase, our Financial Analysts have to often work under a tight deadline. Talk about a time you had to work under a tight deadline in the past. How did you handle that situation and what made it a success?

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    One huge philosophy that we believe in at JPMorgan Chase is professional development. How have you worked to develop yourself professionally throughout your career?

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    In working with financial data here at JPMorgan Chase, what are the steps you would take in the data validation process as part of your work?

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    If hired for this role with JPMorgan Chase, how would you handle a large workload of clients working through a mortgage process?

  27. 27.

    If you noticed that a company's balance sheet was showing increased amounts of accounts receivables, what future impacts to that company would you consider to be feasible?

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    If hired to this role here at JPMorgan Chase, what do you see as one initial hurdle you will have to overcome in your first weeks on the job?