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School Bus Driver Interview

32 Questions and Answers by Professional Interviewers

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What types of defensive driving techniques do you use?
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Share what you have learned as a driver that will help you be safer on the road. It's not only the kids in the back seat you need to worry about, but there's also a highway full of vehicles who could swerve, stop or breakdown at any moment. Your ability to scan the surroundings and stay calm will be key! Explain how you are able to perceive potential threats before they occur. How do you avoid accidents? How do you respond if someone starts to walk across the street without seeing you coming?
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Question 2 of 32
How would you handle a situation on your bus in which a student attempted to or did physically harm you or another student?
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How to Answer
Are you experienced in preventing and managing violent incidents? Use your knowledge of behavioral management. How do you react in this type of emergency?

"My immediate response would be to protect myself or the child who was being threatened. If there was a weapon involved I would use force if necessary to remove the weapon from the student. I am not trained in law enforcement, but I am good at acting quickly and taking precautions to protect my students."

You will not be expected to have the perfect expert-level response to a complicated situation like this, but you will be expected to know how to act quickly and follow emergency procedures. If you're not sure what that would look like, be honest. Let them know you are willing to learn what it would take to handle violent situations.
Question 3 of 32
If I were to ask your previous employer about how many days you missed over the last year, what would he say?
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How to Answer
How dependable are you? The proof is in the pudding! If you have missed more days of work than you can remember, you may have some explaining to do. It's possible that the interviewer may ask your previous employer the same question, so you will need to be honest. Keep in mind that taking a vacation day does not count against you, so there is no need to share those days. Missed only a couple of days? No problem! Taking sick days due to the flu or something more severe is understandable. Missed a week or more? Give a clear explanation, whether it be due to the birth of a child, death in the family or a surgery. Show that you are dependable in how you handled the situation responsibly, informing your employer ahead of time whenever possible.
Question 4 of 32
If a fight breaks out while in route to school, how would you handle the situation?
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How to Answer
"Depending on the severity, I would probably stop the bus. I don't feel comfortable operating a large vehicle while there could be violence happening in my rear view mirror. I would rather resolve the issue before it escalates. Usually I need to separate the kids, but if I needed to I would discipline them as well."

Give an example that shows you can deal with these types of situations. Your ability to handle conflict between students will greatly improve the quality of life on your bus route and make you an even better driver!
Question 5 of 32
How do you plan to adapt to many different bus routes?
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How to Answer
Sense of direction will be key for you as you navigate through neighborhoods and new parts of town. Using GPS will only take you so far if you don't know how to read a map! Talk about your driving experience, professional or personal if you are new to this career. Share knowledge of the city and your adaptability to switch gears if you need to take an unfamiliar or change in your usual route.
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