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When you suffer a setback, how does that emotionally affect you and your work?

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    When you suffer a setback, how does that emotionally affect you and your work?

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    Tell me about a time when you made a suggestion requesting change in an organization.

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    If your current company shut down today, what would you do to quickly adapt?

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    When have you had to adapt to change in the workplace?

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    When have you had to change a major component of your project due to new information being presented?

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    What was the biggest change you have had to deal with in your career?

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    When have you been asked to perform a function or complete a task in which you had little or no experience in doing?

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    When have you had to think quickly in response to sudden change?

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    When have you faced an unexpected difficulty?

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    When have you shown a willingness to learn a new method?

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    When change occurs in the workplace, do you naturally adjust or do you first think of the worst?

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    When have you had to shift your priorities in response to sudden changes?

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    How do you react to an increase in your workload?

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    Do you prefer doing work on a routine day-to-day basis or do you prefer mixing up your routine?

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    When planning, how often do you create alternative scenarios to help you adjust to changing situations?