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Customer Experience Specialist Interview Questions

17 Customer Experience Specialist Interview Questions
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What are is your greatest weakness and what are you doing to improve on it?
How to Answer
Many interviewees stumble on this question. It can be difficult so make sure you think about your weaknesses prior to going into any interview. Be sure to focus on a professional weakness – do not include any personal qualities. The weakness should also be something minor, nothing that can be harmful to you doing your job well. For the second part of the question, explain specific things you are doing to improve on this weakness. Further describe how it has helped you grow.
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What is the most competitive work situation you have experienced? How did you handle it? What was the result?
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How to Answer
Show the interviewer that you thrive under competition; it drives you to do more and do better. Describe your most competitive work situation in detail – why was it competitive, whether the company culture has a part to play in this competitive nature, if there were goals that had to be met, how you handled the competition, if you enjoyed it and if you were successful at it. Answer this question honestly - not every situation ahs to be the same degree of competitiveness so pick one that has a positive outcome – avoid choosing a situation where you did not enjoy or thrive in the competitive environment.
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Name something you did for someone that you did not have to do.
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How to Answer
Think back to a specific example of when you went above and beyond. Preferably, this example should be from the workplace, whether you stayed late to help a co-worker or went above and beyond to make sure a customer had an excellent experience.

For example, “In my previous job, we had a situation where a customer was unhappy with the customer service specialist she was dealing with. I saw that my coworker was having a tough time so I stepped in to buffer the situation. I asked the customer what she needed help with and proceeded to work with my coworker to help her. By the end of it, she was extremely happy that we were so attentive and with the overall service she received.”
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Describe your customer service experience.
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How to Answer
This answer should be easy to answer. Think back to your past work experience and give the interviewer a detailed description of your customer service responsibilities at each of these positions. You want to give the interviewer a thorough idea of your customer service experience. Details are very important when answering this question. It is your chance to prove that you can handle the responsibilities of the job you are interviewing for.

If you answered inbound or made outbound calls, give the interviewer the average amount of calls you dealt with on a daily or weekly basis and describe what types of calls you were handling. If your customer service experience includes helping customers face-to-face, again provide measurable information, how many customers did you help on a daily or weekly basis, describe the manner you helped them in and what types of situations you dealt with.
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How would you deal with an angry customer while you are busy completing tasks?
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How to Answer
It is important to show that you can handle a difficult situation professionally and in a calm manner. Customer service is extremely important to the reputation of any company and you want to show that you can represent the company in the best way possible. You should also express that you would make it a priority to help the angry customer and to alleviate the situation.

Think back to your past work experience and if you’ve dealt with a situation like the one that is being presented to you through this question, use this real-life experience to answer the question. Give a detailed description of the situation: why the customer was angry, what steps you took to handle the situation and the outcome.

One important point you want to cover when answering this question is efficiency. You need to show that you are able to handle the angry customer quickly and efficiently and get back to completing your task quickly.
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About Customer Experience Specialist

August 27th, 2018

A Customer Experience Specialist analyzes customers' needs and makes recommendations for additional products or services that will enhance customer satisfaction and improve on productivity or profitability. Customer Experience Specialists should be able to provide responsive support in a professional, pleasant and timely manner. They are responsible for streamlining the sales and customer service process while still generating the greatest number of sales. The specialist will have a mix of sales and customer service, and the ultimate goal is to exceed turnaround and experience expectations.

An ideal Customer Experience Specialist should be proficient in several skill sets. Effective management and organizational skills are key to being a successful customer experience specialist. Additionally, problem-solving and the ability to make improvements in crucial. Incidents will always arise, small or large, and it is the job of the Customer Experience Specialist to be able to problem solve and make improvements to be able to handle these situations and have systems in place for when they arise,

It is important to be well prepared before interviewing for a Customer Experience Specialist position. Make sure you have a deep understanding of what the company does and what role the Customer Experience Specialist plays in the company's success. Thoroughly review the job description and responsibilities - this information is critical to you because you must be able to relate your past work experience to the position. The interviewer will most likely ask you questions pertaining to your past work experience in the field. Be prepared with specific examples and relevant achievements you would like to share - it is important to plan what you would like to discuss regarding these scenarios before the interview. This will ensure that you cover every detail that is essential to answering questions.