The New York Times Mock Interview

To help you prepare for a The New York Times job interview, here are 30 interview questions and answer examples.

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What would you consider your most significant achievement?

Your interviewer is curious about what your most recent or significant career accomplishment will say about your experience level and what you are striving for. How you answer will potentially serve to inform the interviewer of your work standard, and whether you aim to go above and beyond or cruise along with the status quo. Those without goals set just beyond their reach are typically a sign of a disengaged employee who is not particularly focused on advancing their career and development.

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30 The New York Times Interview Questions & Answers

  • Accomplishment

    1. What would you consider your most significant achievement?

  • Ask The Interviewer

    2. What questions do you have for me?

  • Behavioral

    3. What does integrity mean to you?

  • Career Goals

    4. What are your career goals in the next 3-5 years?

  • Career Goals

    5. If you land this job, what’s in it for you? What would you like to get out of it beyond a paycheck? How will this help you grow?

  • Career Goals

    6. Why are you interested in working with The NY Times?

  • Communication

    7. Talk to me about your communication skills.

  • Communication

    8. How would you go about expressing your views and personal opinions when discussing current events outside of work?

  • Compatibility

    9. What does the truth mean to you?

  • Compatibility

    10. What makes you the right fit for The NY Times?

  • Competency

    11. Beyond our journalism, how else do you connect with The Times?

  • Competency

    12. How would you approach a situation where you witnessed a coworker or colleague engaged in unethical conduct?

  • Conflict

    13. Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with someone you worked with.

  • Discovery

    14. Tell me about yourself.

  • Discovery

    15. Do you have any other creative pursuits or hobbies outside of work?

  • Diversity

    16. When have you worked among a diverse group of people?

  • Education

    17. Tell me about your educational pursuits.

  • EQ

    18. Tell me about the last time you were engaged in a debate with an uninformed individual with strong opinions.

  • EQ

    19. What is your weakness?

  • Experience

    20. What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

  • Experience

    21. How often do you take work home with you?

  • Experience

    22. If The New York Times hired you today, what would you aim to accomplish first?

  • Experience

    23. Which of the required skills for this position do you have the most room for growth?

  • Experience

    24. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the news media industry today?

  • Experience

    25. Talk to me about your research skills and experience.

  • Job Satisfaction

    26. What kind of work environment are you most successful in?

  • Operational

    27. What do you feel are currently the biggest challenges news media outlets face with generating revenue?

  • Performance Based

    28. Tell me about the last time you were dissatisfied with the quality or outcome of your work.

  • Salary

    29. What are your salary expectations?

  • Teamwork

    30. Tell me about the last time you had to switch from a solo project to help your team meet their objectives.