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We want to hire people at Amazon who have the desire to lead others. How many people did you supervise in your last position?

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    We want to hire people at Amazon who have the desire to lead others. How many people did you supervise in your last position?

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      Discuss with the interviewer your level of responsibility in your current position. Since there is endless room for growth at Amazon, the interviewer would like to know if it's of interest for you to lead and mentor others as your tenure deepens. If you have managed larger teams than you currently are, you can also discuss that particular role from your work history.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Although I did not officially supervise anyone in my most recent position, I always had my eye out for opportunities to lead or mentor the more junior staff. I am a good example to others and would uphold Amazon's Leadership Principles every day."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Currently, I am supervising 12 employees with an overall portfolio responsibility of $2M. In a role I held before this one, I managed 23 employees but with a smaller portfolio of $600,000. I can handle a large range of employees and would be very interested in leading others as my tenure with Amazon grows."

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      "I haven't supervised anyone in my most recent position, but I was always helping my junior staff to understand their task."

      Rachelle's Answer

      I think I understand what you're saying, but it's a bit contradictory since you begin by saying that you do not supervise anyone and then refer to 'my junior staff.' If you are helping, leading, and mentoring others in an unofficial leadership role, that's great! In that case, I suggest rewording your response so it's clear that you're going above your role's expectations to help others. I have provided an example for you below.

      "Although my current role is not an official leadership position, I regularly go above and beyond to help less experienced teammates to understand their tasks. For instance, I recently helped a colleague...(tell a brief story, using the STAR framework, to describe your natural leadership tendencies)."

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