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Amazon Area Manager
Interview Questions

30 Questions and Answers by
| Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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Do you have training in product loss prevention?

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Area Manager Interview Questions

  1. 1.

    Do you have training in product loss prevention?

      Companies face many types of product loss from employee skimming, organized theft, return fraud, and more. Amazon has a loss prevention team that works hard to protect products, information, and its people in each fulfillment site. Amazon believes they can eliminate many risks by creating a culture where security is front of mind. Talk to the interviewer about any loss-prevention training you have, whether product loss training or other. Show that you have put in the effort to research Amazon's loss prevention efforts and discuss how you plan to support these efforts enthusiastically.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I find it impressive that Amazon has such highly-trained loss prevention teams and specialists focusing on data-driven investigations and monitoring for future security risks. It is a significant job to manage Amazon's assets, including products, buildings, and people. As an Area Manager, I can support loss prevention efforts by encouraging and emulating honesty, integrity, and good choices in the workplace. I also have formal training, including a Loss Prevention for Managers from the Loss Prevention Academy. This course provided me with a strong knowledge-based, including how to conduct successful inventory counts, signs of employee theft, and of course, how to hire the right employee to prevent product loss from the onset. I look forward to supporting Amazon in its security and asset protection efforts."

  2. 2.

    We provide a base salary plus additional potential perks such as stocks and a range of medical and financial benefits. What does your ideal compensation package include?

      Talking about compensation can feel scary and a bit like a game of poker. In most cases, neither party wants to show their hand first, after all! Developing a solid compensation ask will make salary questions much more comfortable to approach. You should always know what you are asking for, why you are asking for it, and how you will ask for it when the time comes to negotiate your pay structure.

      Your overall compensation package includes far more than your salary or your hourly wage. It can also include factors such as:

      - Base pay; whether it be salary or hourly wages
      - Overtime pay
      - Bonus' whether they be monthly, quarterly, or annually
      - Recognition based bonus' or awards from contests
      - Stock options
      - Vacation pay
      - Benefits packages
      - Health benefits
      - Non-cash benefits

      One of the best ways to approach compensation conversations is to have a clear idea of the following points:

      - What you want to make
      - What you need to make
      - What your minimum threshold is
      - What the market is telling you about your job title and industry in your region

      Amazon states in a current Colorado Area Manager job postings that the position starts at $52,00 per year. They also state the potential for a sign-on bonus or restricted stock units. Also included is a range of medical, financial, and other benefits not outlined in more detail on the company careers site. If you have some idea of the compensation range but are not entirely sure of the full offering, consider turning the question into an opportunity for a conversation.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I am very interested in learning more about the details of this Area Manager role and the compensation offering provided. I understand that similar positions in the area pay a base salary between $53,000 and $57,000 per year. With my skills, education, experience, and achievements, I would expect an offer in that range. I am also interested in discussing the overall compensation offering, such as benefits and vacation time. Could you share more details with me, please?"

  3. 3.

    Your location will be determined by work volumes and business needs. Are you willing to relocate, if required?

      Depending on the location of the Area Manager position you are interviewing for, relocation may be a consideration. Amazon mentions in some of their Area Manager job postings, 'Must be willing to relocate at the time of hire (position location is most heavily weighted on business need but will also take into account individual location preference).'

      If this question is asked of you, keep your response simple and straightforward. Whether you are flexible or not, in regards to your location, it's essential to be honest when you reply. If you are unsure of your ability to relocate, it's okay to let the interviewer know that you are open to change in the future.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Yes, I read in the job posting that this role might require relocation. As far as relocation goes, nothing is off the table for me. Amazon has locations worldwide, and I am open to working in various locations to benefit the company and grow professionally. This Area Manager role represents many potential opportunities for me, and I am ready to be placed where the leadership team feels my skill set will have the greatest impact."

  4. 4.

    We seek an Area Manager who is energetic, organized, and a self-starter ready to succeed for themselves and motivate others in a deadline-driven environment. How will you emulate these qualities and meet these goals if hired?

      Amazon uses strong discretion in its hiring decisions. They know precisely the type of person who is a match for the role of Area Manager, both in personality and in work ethic. Talk to the interviewer about how you emulate the qualities of energy and organization while motivating others and being self-driven. Provide measurable examples of how you plan to emulate these qualities if you are hired as Amazon's next Area Manager.

      Some ways that you can demonstrate energy in the workplace:

      - Take the initiative on projects
      - Maintain a positive outlook
      - Help your team members keep a healthy mindset
      - View obstacles and challenges as exciting opportunities to problem solve

      Some ways that you can demonstrate organization in the workplace:

      - Have clear goals set for your day
      - Set goals past one day and focus on your week, month, and quarter
      - Create a routine for yourself and your team
      - Ensure your workspace works for you and the flow of your day

      Some ways that you can demonstrate being a self-starter in the workplace:

      - React to challenges by embracing them and staying goal-focused
      - Set high expectations for yourself and work hard to meet them every day
      - Show accountability for your results, even when they aren't what you were hoping for
      - Be confident and show that you trust your intuition

      Rachelle's Answer

      "If I am chosen for the Area Manager role, I will bring a contagious energy to my team by taking the initiative on projects and encouraging a positive mindset no matter the challenges we face. I believe that genuine energy begins from within, so I also take extra care to refresh my brain by taking my lunch break away from my desk and ensuring that I get the rest I need on my days off. I have worked hard to become an organized person and find that I maintain organization by creating and sticking to a routine while setting short-term and long-term goals. Last, as a self-starter, I will bring confidence in my decisions and accountability for my work. I will teach my team members the importance of setting high expectations for themselves and trusting their ability to do the best job for themselves, their teammates, and the company as a whole."

  5. 5.

    What tools do you believe your team of Associates will need to succeed in any task during a shift?

      The way you approach this question will show the interviewer how well you understand the expectations of the role, including the function of the Associates you will be guiding every day.

      To perform your due diligence, consider looking up the job requirements for the people you will be leading. For instance, Amazon has many Associate positions listed on their website. You can comb through those responsibilities and consider the tools your Associates would need to succeed in their tasks. On YouTube, you will find videos from Amazon covering a 'day in the life' of an Area Manager. These videos are another helpful resource for you!

      In one video, an Amazon Area Manager describes their relationship with each Associate like a doctor/nurse relationship - except that the Associate is the doctor and the Area Manager is the nurse. The Area Manager is responsible for ensuring each associate has the tools and support they need to succeed in their role. The ultimate goal is for you as an Area Manager to remove barriers to your Associate's work.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I believe the most important tools my Associates will need to succeed in any task during their shift is engagement and encouragement from their leaders, clear direction, timely updates, proper training for each task as well as safety training. As an Area Manager, I will work tirelessly to engage with each Associate on their shift. I will work directly with them to ensure their performance is up, they have what they need to remain productive, and that they are equipped with the knowledge needed to produce high-quality and safe work."

  6. 6.

    What questions do you have for me about the team of Associates you would be leading?

      Enter your interview ready to ask questions that are compelling and unique. If you ask the same questions that other candidates ask, you will not stand out as a critical thinker and can quickly put yourself in the same box as your competition. Take your time to craft engaging questions that are custom to Amazon. Ask meaningful questions regarding how the existing team of Associates prefers to be led and what challenges their most recent Area Manager faced. Ask yourself what issues Amazon wants you to solve as their new Area Manager, and direct your questions from those starting points.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Thank you for asking. While preparing for this interview and performing extensive research on the organization, I thought of a few questions that I look forward to discussing. First, could you share the biggest challenge the most recent Area Manager faced while leading this team of Associates? Can you describe the existing team's preferred leadership style? Last, what professional development opportunities are made available for Amazon's hard-working Associates?"

  7. 7.

    As an Amazon Area Manager, you are responsible for communicating policies, expectations, and other essential information to your team. How do you ensure consistency in your communication?

      Consistent communication within an organization should start from the top, with internal communication being consistent and clear at all times. Amazon places a lot of attention on building a communicative work environment. Now the interviewer wants to see evidence that you are a level-headed, consistent communicator who remains respectful in your communication style, no matter the discussion you are heading. Discuss what you know about great communication in the workplace and the measurable action steps you take to ensure consistency.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I studied Communication while attending university, and I have also learned about communication in business. I follow the 3 C's of communication: correct, consistent, and constant. With correct communication, I am giving the best and most accurate, reliable information possible. I remain pragmatic when relaying information to my team members to avoid placing my own opinion or bias on the matter. To be consistent means that I deliver information the same way every day. If I start the day with a team huddle and end the day with a team huddle, I commit to doing this every day. With this approach, my team knows what to expect from me and when. This leads me to constant information, which stems from my consistency. If hired to be Amazon's next Area Manager, I will ensure that my team and I communicate all the time. It will never be a surprise when they hear from me, and I will communicate all news rather than just the high points or the low points."

  8. 8.

    We seek an Area Manager who is highly analytical and able to thrive in an ambiguous environment. Talk about a time when you leveraged data to provide a workable solution to a business problem.

      Ambiguity arises when a task or goal is unclear. There is positive ambiguity that challenges us to grow, and there is toxic ambiguity that creates environments of disarray for employees. For Amazon, referring to an ambiguous work environment is not referring to toxic ambiguity. You will face scenarios of ambiguity in the form of new and unchartered challenges. For an Area Manager, no two days are the same, and there will be an expectation for you to think on your feet and respond with confidence based on your analytical and critical-thinking skills.

      Some ways to deal with problem-solving related ambiguity include:

      - Clearly defining the core of a challenge
      - Identify the team members most skilled in the areas you need, and begin to delegate
      - Have clear expectations and processes in place
      - Accept the challenge as a positive opportunity for growth
      - Remain calm and collected, allowing yourself to inspect the situation from all sides
      - Prepare yourself to make decisions without having all of the facts

      When an interviewer asks you to 'talk about a time when...' they are looking for a specific story-based example. You can accomplish this by using the STAR answer framework. STAR is an acronym for Situation, Task, Action, Result.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I understand that Amazon Area Managers may face ambiguity often since ambiguity often occurs from the introduction of new systems and changes. When Amazon announces a huge launch or new development, ambiguity may occur. Luckily, I am a highly analytical thinker who enjoys the challenges related to this type of situation. In my current position, I am a Team Lead for the fulfillment team. Our company introduced a new warehouse inventory management software a couple of months ago, and it contained features that our former software did not. The company did not include in the budget additional system training as part of the rollout, which I viewed as a potential roadblock to productivity. As one of the more tech-savvy team members, I felt I should jump in to explore these features and guide some team members who were not as comfortable with the new system. Once I had an idea of the most complex components of the new system, I created a mini-training that I presented to my manager. She really appreciated the initiative that I took and the fact that I addressed potential issues with our limited training. She asked me to present my work to the team members and oversee any questions. This was the first time I took on a significant leadership component outside of my usual Team Lead duties. After executing the training, I monitored the activity and use of the system by all team members and tracked any other areas that were presenting challenges. Overall, it took about 30 days to have all team members up to speed on the new system, and today I believe everyone is using the new software to the best of their ability."

  9. 9.

    New Amazon Area Managers work weekends, holidays, and overnight shifts. They also put in overtime hours during peak seasons. Do you have any limitations in your availability?

      Before answering scheduling questions, it's important to be clear on the company's expectations. Luckily, in the Area Manager job posting, Amazon is very clear about the expectation of long shifts, weekends, holidays, and overnight work.

      If you haven't had a chance to clarify this location's scheduling needs, now would be the perfect time to ask! Consider asking for more detail about the scheduling expectations. If you are expected to work 12-hour shifts, you should know that detail before responding by saying, 'Absolutely! No problem!' Be sure that you can meet Amazon's expectations before committing.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I am accustomed to working long shifts including nights, weekends, and holidays. I am flexible for days or nights, weekdays or weekends, and the like. In my current role, we are offered overtime pay for statutory holidays, which I find a great incentive to get employees on board with working major holidays. Are there similar incentives offered for Amazon employees?"

  10. 10.

    Walk me through your education and how you believe it will benefit you as an Amazon Area Manager.

      Most Amazon Area Managers possess post-secondary education. In the job description for Area Manager, the company asks that external candidates have recently completed post-secondary education, specifically a bachelor's or master's degree.

      While attending post-secondary studies, you likely learned some core skills that would be transferable to any position. Think about what you learned at your highest levels of education and how that knowledge applies (or will apply) to your work. Some of these skills could include:

      - Time Management
      - Creative Thinking
      - Proposal Writing
      - Public Speaking
      - Presentation Building
      - Independent Learning
      - Academic Research
      - Self-Motivation

      Be sure to comb the job description for keywords so that you can match your post-secondary experiences with the skills for which they are seeking! When discussing your education, it's important to connect what you learned and how you plan to apply those things on the job as an Amazon Area Manager. Discuss some of your key takeaways from your post-secondary education while showing enthusiasm for continued growth and learning.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "My bachelor's degree is in Economics and International Studies, which taught me not only the theoretics behind business operations but also interpersonal relations across cultures and nations. I also learned a lot about delivering presentations, public speaking, and working in a collaborative environment. All of these skills have been an asset to my career to date, and I know will greatly benefit me as an Amazon Area Manager since I will lead team meetings with confidence while quickly grasping the company's unique fulfillment business model."

  11. 11.

    We hire high-potential people who are ready to make an impact on our operations. Tell us about the most significant impact you've made in your current position.

      Amazon is a company proud to be driven by innovation. They even say that innovation is part of their DNA! For this reason, there is a very high chance that your interviewers will ask questions to reveal whether you are an innovative thinker, ready to make an impact for Amazon.

      It can be a challenge to brag about your accomplishments in a job interview. For that reason, many candidates choose to talk about a team accomplishment. However, for this question, it's best to highlight an independent accomplishment. Be proud of your individual contributions!

      Talk to the interviewer about the most significant individual accomplishment you have achieved in your current or most recent position. You can deliver this answer by providing a story-based example using the STAR answer method (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Be sure to outline your contribution clearly, then make a connection to how you will contribute to Amazon.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "(Situation) At Company XYZ, we have had some issues with newly hired warehouse associates quitting after just a few shifts. (Task) As the team lead responsible for helping our manager guide the group, I have a unique opportunity to coach people in-the-moment, to help them succeed. (Action) I approached my manager and asked if I could jump in with additional on-the-floor training sessions when I saw new team members struggling with their tasks. She agreed, so I spent time analyzing the primary reasons employees were quitting. I created a list of the top 10 struggles new hires were facing and brought my findings to the manager. Together, we met with the Human Resources department and requested that new hires receive further training and support in those 10 areas during their onboarding and first 30 days. (Result) HR agreed to put these efforts into place, and since that time, our employee turnover rates have decreased by nearly 25%. This experience taught me to keep an eye on patterns and how important it is to use data when problem-solving and making recommendations for change. When Amazon hires me for this Area Manager position, I will commit to caring for the success of our new and tenured employees, ensuring that everyone feels empowered to succeed in their tasks."

  12. 12.

    As an Amazon Area Manager, you will be responsible for leading and guiding others. How do you plan to invest in the growth and development of your new team?

      Amazon knows that when leaders take a professional interest in employee growth, everyone wins! Amazon describes the role of an Area Manager to include the opportunity to 'truly invest in others and develop a collaborative leadership style.' As an Area Manager, you can invest in the growth and development of your team members in many ways. Some ways you can facilitate development opportunities to your team members include:

      - Promoting opportunities for online learning and training.
      - Offering a mentorship program.
      - Facilitating participation in professional organizations.
      - Providing credits or tuition toward continuing education.
      - Sending employees to industry events and conferences.
      - Providing up-to-date technology, resources, and tools.

      Of course, you want to make sure that your leadership team at Amazon would support these efforts; however, for your interview, be sure to highlight the fact that you are enthusiastic about the idea of coaching and developing your team members.

      If you have some management experience, consider discussing the latest professional development opportunity you provided your existing team. Discuss why you chose this particular avenue, and include details of how this choice positively impacted your team.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I am excited to have the opportunity to lead and guide others to achieve success. In fulfillment alone, Amazon has numerous departments and opportunities in loss prevention, global fulfillment, human resources, procurement, sustainability, and more. I would love the chance to explore professional investment opportunities such as online learning and training opportunities that will empower my team members to desire growth within Amazon. In my current position, I am given a training and development budget every year. This year, I facilitated an all-access MasterClass Business membership for my 15 team members. The business-focused offering from MasterClass is an incredible way to help my team members learn new business skills. They can learn at their own pace, and I also created a schedule to learn together and discuss topics and ideas on our lunch breaks. This month we focused on developing skills in leadership and effective communication. The results have been incredible. My team members show more confidence, especially when communicating with each other and presenting innovative ideas."

  13. 13.

    We are looking for an Area Manager with a collaborative leadership style. Describe what this means to you.

      Amazon considers its Area Managers to be people leaders. In this role, you will be expected to invest in your team and work with them collaboratively. People leadership is a significant component of this role, and the interviewer wants to know that you understand what it means to bring a collaborative leadership style to the workplace.

      A collaborative leadership style might include:

      - Showing your team that everyone can work creatively together
      - Believing that a team works best when it comes together to solve problems
      - Leaders focus on their influence more than their authority
      - Leaders spend time engaging their team members to perform to the best of their ability
      - Creating an environment built on respect, shared goals, and trust
      - Focus on collective goals that benefit everyone on the team
      - Collectively creating plans that everyone can feel passionate about
      - Encouraging accountability across the entire team

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I believe that collaborative leadership means leading with influence rather than authority. As a collaborative leader, I will create a culture of enthusiasm, shared goals, and mutual respect for everyone. If I am chosen for this Area Manager position, I will create and communicate goals, targets, and plans that every team member will feel passionate about, regardless of their seniority. I will encourage everyone to be accountable for their work and the success of others."

  14. 14.

    Amazon is one of the most customer-centric companies on the globe. What tools, processes, and methods will you rely on to ensure that your team provides the best possible customer service?

      Amazon has a significant mission 'to be Earth's most customer-centric company.' The company sees its operations and customer service teams as the 'heart of that mission,' hence, the interviewer needs to know that you are ready to support this mission wholeheartedly.

      Amazon team members have access to the world's top technology and a worldwide reach dedicated to supporting their customers. Take time to read through the company's customer-service-focused mission and discuss how you will work to ensure that your entire team is an active contributor to this global network.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I have taken the time to research Amazon as a company, and I have combed through the responsibilities and expectations of an Area Manager. One factor that stood out to me is that Amazon strives to have everyone work together to create and build a customer-centric company. The tools I will rely on to ensure the best possible customer service will be the internal tools available at Amazon. The company puts an incredible amount of funding into new technology, and I am confident that I will have every tool imaginable available to me. I plan to learn each tool in full to ensure that I maximize the potential benefits for Amazon and its customers. When it comes to processes, I will carefully follow Amazon's internal processes and keep in touch with fulfillment center updates. In terms of methods, I would ensure that my team understands the importance of us working seamlessly and enthusiastically to make life easier for our millions of customers."

  15. 15.

    Amazon is defining the future of online retail. How will you contribute to this mission as an Area Manager?

      Amazon has dramatically changed the way people shop. So much so that experts often refer to 'The Amazon Effect,' which is the impact that Amazon has created in the eCommerce and digital marketplace compared to brick and mortar businesses. The company defines online retail by influencing customer expectations, changing how we shop online, and dominating the competition.

      The interviewer wants to see that you have enthusiasm for how Amazon is redefining online retail and that you have identified how you can contribute to this mission when you are hired. When you respond, be as specific as possible, allowing the interviewer to visualize you as a contributing leader and active team member.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Amazon has defined online retail in many incredible ways, and I am excited to join the organization and contribute to current and future efforts. As an Area Manager, my mission will be to contribute to Amazon's desire to delight its customers and make their lives easier. I will ensure that my team of Associates works efficiently, allowing customers to receive their items as fast as possible. The fulfillment center team is at the heart of the customers' seamless online shopping experience. The more efficiently we work in the FC, the happier customers will be, and the more they will continue to shop online. Essentially, the better our team works, the more we can impact customer shopping behaviors and continue growing Amazon's competitive position in the retail marketplace."

  16. 16.

    Amazon provides extensive training and development for our entry-level managers. How can we help you to become an exceptional people leader?

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  17. 17.

    What do you know about the way Amazon runs its fulfillment and delivery network?

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  18. 18.

    As an Area Manager, you will coach and develop a team of associates in a distribution warehouse environment. Do you have experience working and/or leading in a distribution warehouse environment?

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  19. 19.

    A primary focus of this role is motivating, mentoring, and managing your team. Do you consider yourself a 'servant leader?'

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  20. 20.

    How would you explain fulfillment to someone who did not know about distribution warehouse environments?

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  21. 21.

    Amazon's distribution workflow has three parts. The First Mile, the Second Mile, and the Last Mile. Please explain to me what each stage of the workflow means and the work required through each.

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  22. 22.

    Describe your approach to coaching, managing, and developing others.

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  23. 23.

    If an Amazon Associate was not maintaining compliance or consistency, what corrective action would you deem appropriate?

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  24. 24.

    If you could create a new recognition program or add to an existing program, what initiatives would you introduce?

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  25. 25.

    Explain your understanding of OSHA compliance. What efforts will you bring to this role to ensure a safe work environment for all Amazon Associates?

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  26. 26.

    As an Amazon Area Manager, you will help us to establish and maintain quality control standards. What do you believe will be an essential first step to ensuring high-quality deliverables from your team of Associates?

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  27. 27.

    Your team of Associates focuses on meeting customer demands while ensuring accuracy and quality of work. How do you plan to encourage the performance of your Associates and ensure achievement of these targets?

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  28. 28.

    Are you able to stand and walk for shifts up to 12 hours in a facility that may be 1/4 mile in length while maintaining the stamina required to be an enthusiastic leader?

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  29. 29.

    We believe that the best managers have more than the ability to manage. They also have a genuine passion for leadership. Why do you want to be our next Area Manager and lead a team of Associates?

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  30. 30.

    Amazon is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace. How will you support these efforts if hired as an Area Manager?

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