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Can you describe how you would implement linear search in JavaScript?

"The easiest way to implement a linear search within JavaScript is to create an algorithm that examines each element in the list and determines whether it matches the value I have defined. Once I've created the algorithm, I can repurpose it by simply redefining the value and/or the list I am using."

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30 Software Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Can you describe how you would implement linear search in JavaScript?

  • 2. What methodologies do you use to ensure that your program will scale?

  • 3. Can you describe what you know about object-oriented programming?

  • 4. Which design patterns do you use, and in what situations do you use them?

  • 5. In your opinion, what is the difference between computer software and a computer program?

  • 6. How would you go about explaining cloud computing to someone that doesn't have a technical background?

  • 7. What personal software development projects have you worked on outside of work?

  • 8. Can you describe a tough software development problem you encountered in your last job and discuss how you solved it?

  • 9. Which do you prefer - a micro-service approach or a monolithic app?

  • 10. How would you accelerate the response time of a website you created?

  • 11. Can you define black box testing and white box testing and discuss the differences between them?

  • 12. Walk me through the steps to build a single page application with multiple sections using the programming framework in which you typically work.

  • 13. How do you go about organizing CSS files, and why do you prefer this approach?

  • 14. What are the functions of web workers in HTML5?

  • 15. What are the differences between blocking and non-blocking calls in the context of Node.js?

  • 16. What are some of the programming languages you are familiar with, and which ones do you prefer?

  • 17. How would you implement Dijkstra's Shortest Path using a programming language with which you are familiar?

  • 18. What are the differences between an array and a stack?

  • 19. Please describe a stack and the two operations it performs.

  • 20. What process do you use to test and find bugs in an application you've developed?

  • 21. Please describe responsive design and the difference between fixed and fluid layouts.

  • 22. How experienced are you with the Agile software development process?

  • 23. Can you describe the complete software development life cycle?

  • 24. How do you go about addressing errors in your code?

  • 25. Describe the process you use to create a program, from requirements definition to delivery.

  • 26. Walk me through your process for designing scalable applications.

  • 27. What do you feel are the critical principles of good software engineering?

  • 28. What do you look for or check when reviewing another team member's code?

  • 29. In your opinion, what distinguishes a great software engineer from an average one?

  • 30. What portion of your day involves coding, and what are the other activities you perform when not coding?