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What is meant by a packaged hybrid cloud, and what are some types of this service offering?

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    What is meant by a packaged hybrid cloud, and what are some types of this service offering?

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    How would you leverage caching technologies to improve the performance of Amazon's cloud computing systems?

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    How are APIs used in the cloud?

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    Can you discuss the different types of clouds, and how they are used?

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    What technologies are used to ensure that cloud computing is secure, and the organization's information is protected?

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    What are some other major cloud database providers you have worked with, and why do you prefer their products?

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    What are the three types of clouds individuals or organizations can use?

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    What are some of the main service components offered by AWS?

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    Can you describe a multi-cloud strategy you've applied in one of your previous positions?

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    What steps do you take to engineer your cloud computing infrastructure to maximize uptime?

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    Can you define the cloud and discuss some of its features?

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    Please discuss the differences between cloud and on-premise computing.

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    What are some of the benefits offered by cloud computing that would induce an organization to adopt it?

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    What are the main services provided in a cloud computing environment such as AWS?

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    Can you define the components of a PaaS architecture, as provided by AWS?

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    Why would an organization use a hybrid cloud rather than one of the three other types?

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    Please talk about how cloud computing can help with the reliability and availability of an organization like Amazon's IT resources.

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    What is Eucalyptus, and how is it used in cloud computing?

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    What is an AMI, and how is it implemented in a cloud computing environment?

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    Please describe the layers used within a cloud computing architecture, similar to the one provide by AWS.

  21. 21.

    Can you discuss the major differences between the AWS cloud and a traditional data center?

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    How are data centers deployed or transitioned to the AWS cloud environment?

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    What are the steps used to design and deploy a cloud architecture?

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    Other than AWS, who are the main cloud service providers, and which ones have you worked with?

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    Can you discuss the differences between hybrid IT and a hybrid cloud?

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    What are some of the characteristics of a distributed cloud?

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    What is a multi-cloud, and why would an organization like Amazon use it?

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    What characteristics does a cloud-native technology possess?

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    How does edge computing technology relate to cloud computing?

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    Does your cloud computing architecture plan for spikes in network traffic, and if so, how?