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What is software scope, and what does the process involve?

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    What is software scope, and what does the process involve?

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    As a software developer, explain the meaning of debugging, and why it's used?

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    Can you list for me the important categories of software development?

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    What method do you use to find the missing number in an integer array of 1 to 100?

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    How do you approach implementing an LRU Cache in your favorite programming language?

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    Explain how duplicates are removed from an array without using a library?

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    Are you familiar with Agile and Waterfall? Which of these software development methodologies do you prefer?

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    What are some of the types of development projects you have worked on in your past positions?

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    What software development process do you prefer to use?

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    Tell me how you find duplicate numbers in an array in Java containing multiple duplicates?

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    How do you find the starting node of a cycle if a link contains a cycle?

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    I’ve heard applications referred to as both software and programs. Which terminology do you use, and how do these differ?

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    What are some of the software design patterns that you use, and in what situations do you use them?

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    Can you describe a challenging software development project you recently completed and the results?

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    What are some of the QA processes you are familiar with and have worked with in the past?

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    What are some of the testing and debugging processes you use in your software development?

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    How much do you know about object-oriented programming?

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    Based on your experience, what's the best way to find a node that begins with two single link lists?

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    What is your experience with implementing a Binary Search Algorithm without recursion?

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    Can you walk me through the meaning behind a Depth First Search Algorithm for a binary tree?

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    Describe how do you implement an insertion sort algorithm, and what's the easiest way to do it?

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    Tell me the difference between a Comparison and Non-Comparison Sorting Algorithm?

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    Describe at a high level what the software development life cycle process is.

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    What is verification and validation, and why it is important?

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    Do you have a preferred language that you like to write programming algorithms?

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    How would you define software configuration management?

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    What is your opinion on a feasibility study, and when should it be done?

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    As part of software development, were you involved with working on functional and non-functional requirements?

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    Talk about the differences between structured English and Pseudo Code?

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    Making a comparison, how would you differentiate between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?