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Amazon is a company of pioneers. In which ways are you a pioneer?

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    Amazon is a company of pioneers. In which ways are you a pioneer?

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      Amazon uses the word 'pioneer' when talking about its dedicated employees.

      They believe that a pioneer will:

      - Make history
      - Build the future
      - Embrace innovation

      You can read a multitude of employee stories on the Amazon careers website and learn more about the ways current employees have embraced the pioneer mentality. Show the interviewer how you can do the same!

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I plan to be a pioneer with Amazon by committing to a long-term career, taking advantage of professional development opportunities that come my way, and embracing the change that comes with working for one of the world's most innovative organizations."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I read some of the pioneer stories on Amazon and am prepared to participate as a pioneer by developing myself and those around me, embracing the ideas of others, coming up with great ideas of my own, and fully committing myself to a career path filled with growth and opportunity."

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      "I'm not satisfied with good enough, and I always seek ways to improve my career and skills and am not afraid of innovation. For instance, when _____ first acquired _________, everybody in my team was not confident to deliver the first workshop and the first post, I took it upon myself to learn and deliver those and became the ________ subject matter expert in the region."

      Cindy's Answer

      Great start. You're telling the interviewer a lot about your work ethic and your bold approach. Can you expand on your ability to innovate or "pioneer"? Have you spearheaded any new project or tried a new approach that had a good result? Can you draw on that to help the interviewer see how you're a cultural fit with the company?

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