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What mistakes have you made when you have hired new employees? What have you learned from those mistakes?

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Manager Interview Questions

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    What mistakes have you made when you have hired new employees? What have you learned from those mistakes?

      The interviewer wants to know a bit more about your process when it comes to making hiring decisions. Discuss how you screen job applicants, and why you choose to hire the people that you do. Even the most skilled Manager can make a hiring mistake, but the question remains if you learned from that bad hire, and how you avoided making that mistake again.

      Some common hiring errors include:

      - Casting too wide a net in your description, resulting in a confused candidate pool
      - Interviewing before you have a full scope of what your idea hire looks like
      - Waiting too long to hire and then deciding out of panic
      - Having too many decision makers in the process
      - Not asking direct questions, resulting in vague answers
      - Failing to do reference checks

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Earlier in my career, I did not see the value in checking references. I trusted my instinct, alone, and made a bad decision a couple of times. Some people can interview incredibly well, but it doesn't mean their work ethic is there. Now, I call 2-3 references, without fail."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I imagine that one of the bigger mistakes when hiring new employees is blindly hiring someone because you know them or because a reliable source referred them. I understand that referrals can be great hires, but they still need to be interviewed and vetted properly."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "The one mistake that I made a couple of times, earlier in my management career, was asking too vague of questions in my interviews. I didn't know how to interview properly, and it caused my decisions to be less informed than they should have been. I have taken a couple of courses on effective interviewing and now have some tougher, behavioral based questions, in the pipe for each interviewee."

      Anonymous Answer

      "I worked at a start-up that was experiencing expansion, and I allowed the pressure to hire right away to affect my judgment. This resulted in hiring someone for a position he was not prepared to handle. It was unfortunate because, under normal circumstances, I knew this candidate could've worked out, but the pressure to produce fast results was too high for him, and I had to terminate his employment. What I learned was to know what questions to ask to help me determine how someone behaves under pressure."

      Rachelle's Answer

      The pressure to hire fast is a predicament to which the interviewer will be able to relate. This is a very solid response.

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