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What will you do if an employee is not meeting their goals?

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Advice and Examples: What will you do if an employee is not meeting their goals? For a Customer Service Manager Interview Question.

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    What will you do if an employee is not meeting their goals?

      How to Answer

      The interviewer would like to know how you handle under-performing employees. Discuss how you treat employees who are not meeting targets and company expectations. Be sure to highlight your management style and overall approach when it comes to managing under-performing employees. You can achieve this by providing a story-based example of a time when you handled a situation with an underperforming team member.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Individual coaching is a large component of my role as a customer service manager. I will find out what is preventing that associate from meeting their goals and work with them to overcome those challenges. Perhaps something is going on outside of work, or they did not receive training to feel properly equipped to exceed their goals. Once we identify those items, we will formulate and execute a plan to get them on track."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "If someone on my team is not living up to their expectations, I will have a chat with them before things become too far gone. I want to let them lead the conversation by asking, 'Why do you think I asked for some time today?' I believe this will help the person to open up about being disappointed for falling short of their goals and offer up suggestions on how they think they can improve."