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How do you feel about saying 'no' to a customer with unreasonable requests?

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Advice and Examples: How do you feel about saying 'no' to a customer with unreasonable requests? For a Customer Service Manager Interview Question.

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    How do you feel about saying 'no' to a customer with unreasonable requests?

      How to Answer

      In a customer service focused role, you have likely come across some pretty crazy requests from customers! The interviewer is interested in knowing where you draw the line when it comes to outlandish claims or needs that you cannot deliver. Give an example of a time when you had to say no to a customer. Assure the interviewer that you are happy to accommodate anyone within reason.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Naturally, as a customer service manager, I want to say yes as often as I can. The odd time, I do have to say no to a client. I recently had a customer make a demand for our product in a color that we do not produce. The request to add color to the production line would have cost our company $56,000 on a $1,000 product. As you can see, it made zero sense. I offered the customer the choice of our eight existing colors and let her know that I would bring the request up at our next board meeting to see if we could consider the addition down the line. Later, I trained my team on how to handle requests like this, which I feel empowered them further."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "In retail, there will be customers who want you to deliver the impossible. I am down for a challenge; however, there are some things that I cannot do. I had a client demand that we extend our size range for the upcoming season. I explained to her that collections and production did not work that way, and were often multiple seasons in the works. She thought I could call the corporate head office and get it done. This instance is one example of a significant customer service request that I have not been able to meet. I was able to educate the client a bit, so I was able to gain something from the interaction, as well."