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As a manager, what do you think of when a team member says they do not like 'micromanagement'?

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Advice and Examples: As a manager, what do you think of when a team member says they do not like 'micromanagement'? For a Customer Service Manager Interview Question.

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    As a manager, what do you think of when a team member says they do not like 'micromanagement'?

      How to Answer

      One often overused phrase from employees is 'I don't like micromanagement.' As a manager, you must be able to take phrases like this and unpack them, ensuring you and your team members are on the same page.

      Micromanagement is the practice of carefully observing or controlling the work of your employees or team members. Employees rarely look at micromanagement through a positive lens. Show the interviewer that you are capable of handling a conversation surrounding micromanagement.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "To me, micromanagement can be either good or bad depending on the approach and tone. However, to most employees, micromanagement is uncomfortable and makes them feel like there is no trust. If an employee or candidate tells me they do not like micromanagement, I will ask them to describe what the term means to them and give me an example of a time when they felt micromanaged. If someone needs micromanagement to perform, they are likely not in the right job. We must be on the same wavelength when it comes to ways they wish to be managed and motivated."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "When I was a junior retail sales representative, I experienced a floor manager who watched my every move and micromanaged me. It was unnerving and did not help my performance. For this reason, I would first ask my team members what their experiences have been in the past, related to micromanagement. It's important that, as a Customer Service Manager, I am on top of everything; however, I will never make a staff member feel they are not trusted. Instead, I would explain that I prefer to coach and mentor and make myself openly available for help and learning opportunities."