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Tell me about the latest customer service approach you have implemented.

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Advice and Examples: Tell me about the latest customer service approach you have implemented. For a Customer Service Manager Interview Question.

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    Tell me about the latest customer service approach you have implemented.

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      Today, customer service must go far past 'service with a smile.' Customers are demanding more out of their experiences and interactions. The hiring authority wants to see that you have inventive methods for implementing top-notch customer service initiatives. If you have not had the opportunity to implement any ideas, speak about ways you believe you could make an impact on customer service results, as a Customer Service Manager.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "With the growth of e-commerce, so much business is redirected to online ordering experiences, away from brick and mortar companies. This shift means that we need to work extra hard to make the in-store customer experience a stellar one. For this reason, I initiated a customer experience training for each of my employees to attend. The training was a three-hour workshop that taught all about using positive language, coming up with unique but simple ways to impress customers and the importance of engaging with everyone they meet in a day. Since implementing this training initiative, our positive customer feedback rates have skyrocketed."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I have some definite ideas when it comes to creating positive customer service experiences. I like acknowledgment by the customer service reps, quite quickly after I enter the store. It's also essential to have a normal conversation rather than feeling 'sold to.' I also want to feel confident that the person helping me is knowledgable. I want to train my future service team on respect, reassurance, and responsiveness. The 3R's mean having respect for the customer, with the reassurance that you know your product, and responsiveness in regards to all questions, queries, and needs."