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What qualities and traits do you look for in a candidate when hiring?

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    What qualities and traits do you look for in a candidate when hiring?

      There are many great qualities that you can look for when hiring an employee. Still, the interviewer wants to hear that you understand the importance of engaging people who fit the workplace culture and have a proven theme of dedication to their work.

      These are the core traits that every hiring manager should look for:

      - Confident, yet humble
      - Related education
      - Ability to receive and implement feedback
      - Flexibility and adaptability
      - Self-driven and self-motivated
      - Willingness to work with a team
      - Reliability and dependability
      - Transparency and honesty

      In addition to these core traits, let the interviewer know that you also seek out unique skills. Some examples of exceptional skills or attributes are:

      - Experience in your particular software or programs
      - Interest in continued education opportunities
      - Volunteer experience
      - Interest in being a coach or mentor
      - Bilingual or skilled in multiple languages
      - Comfortability with presenting, and public speaking

      Rachelle's Answer

      "When I am hiring, I look for the main core traits such as steady confidence, and ability to think for themselves. I also give preference to people who are active in volunteering. It's important to hire those who like to give back and spend time investing in others."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "When hiring, I believe it is important to find people who have a history of being dependable, on time, and who know how to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. In this particular industry, I would also seek out candidates who have international experience and perhaps speak multiple languages or are well traveled."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "In my pre-screen telephone interviews, the first question I always ask is, 'Tell Me About Yourself.' This single question tells me everything I need to know about the candidate. They either ramble, or freeze, or know precisely how to represent themselves. The candidates who are confident, and know who they are, are the ones that I move forward to the next stage of interviews."

      Anonymous Answer

      "Sales are all about being able to break the ice and relate to people under a variety of circumstances. I always ask my candidates to tell me a story because this indicates several things: 'Can they follow directions?', 'Can they think on their feet?' and 'Are they a good communicator?' The best stories are the ones that have nothing to do with the interview and everything to do with relating to me as a person. Those are the folks that earn a spot on my team."

      Rachelle's Answer

      This is an awesome approach - I'll have to steal it :) Another great answer.

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