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Why do you want to be my Personal Assistant?

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What drew you to apply for this particular job? Was it the client's positive reputation in the community? Was it the type of tasks associated with the job? Are there good benefits offered with the position? Does the role offer more flexibility than other positions? The interviewer wants to hear that you are passionate about some component of the position, and your passion will automatically come through when explaining what drew you to apply for this particular opportunity.

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"Answer example, "I admire the work you are doing and am confident I can contribute real value to maintaining effectiveness in how you operate. I'm a quick learner, adaptable to meet changing priorities and needs, and excited to contribute this level of enthusiasm to your team."

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Why do you want to be my Personal Assistant?
I seek positions that are face paced and ever changing.I feel this position would offer a challenge and allow me to continue to grow my skills.
I have looked into your company and seen that this is a fairly new and young company which I find exciting, I would love to be involved with people who are clearly still very motivated about their product.
I love being around and working with people. I love to watch them achieve their goals and I desire to be a part of that.
I need to learn more about PA and better my knowledge.
Because I have an expirience of such work and I have worked before as a customer service.
I enjoy working one on one and assisting in the personal needs of that person.
I enjoy working in a positive and energetic environment. I enjoy assisting executives and giving them that extra support to achieve more and reduce the stress.
I believe with the skills I have got up my sleeves, Iwould be able to help you make the best use of your timeby dealing with your secretarial and administrative task.
Its a good job and I will thought that its increase my experience.
I believe I have the ability to organise, assist and better your daily schedule and work/life balance.
I've always enjoyed helping people.
I hold exceptional skills in diary management and have managed a multitude of senior staffs diaries throughout various assistant type roles that l have held. With not just this one skill, l have always enjoyed the control that l have within the Personal Assistant role and l find supporting a characteristic l am best placed at.
I believe I could be a great asset to you.
I have good interpersonal skills and over 10 years experience.
To enable you to meet your target set.
Because I m able to handle the office administratively.
Because I'm dedicated to what I do.
I would like to be the person who enables you to futher succeed.
To enable you to meet your target set.
I have the skills and experience you are looking for and hiring me will give you the chance to focus on other things that require your personal attention.
Because I have worked before and I have an expirience in customer service and helping the customers to solve the problem.
I feel I am very good with people and I love caring for those who need help im dependable reliable and trustworthy.
Ia my very organised person and I am motivation I can doalots of tasks without any dealy and in proper way.
Because this is a big organisation and I want to grow with it.
I believe I could use my professional skill here and learn so much from you.
I have experience in secretarial and customer serivce field. These value experience make me more effectively, indendently to handle and solving the problem.
Because of my prevoius experience.
Becouse my experience as persopnal asistant and hr make me more qualifide for this position and I am very oeganised and I dont get stressed out easily and I can handl alots of deffrint tasks without any delay.
I am very organised person and I can do a lot of tasks without any delay and in proer way.
I know that you are a very busy man and I would like to provide you my services in helping you to stay on track so that you excel.
I have read your achievements and believe that I can assist you to operate at your very best.
I have all the knowlede skills and experience required for the post. I am currently acting PA in my current role and I find the role very varied, I endjoy being proactive, excellent communicator and prioritise my workload daily.
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